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“Moana 2” will hit theaters in November

The princess will face a new ocean of adventures in the sequel to the 2016 film

The sequel to “Moana”, a Disney animated film released in 2016, will hit theaters in November of this year. The announcement was confirmed by the animation giant, this Tuesday, May 28, with the debut of the teaser trailer scheduled for today, Wednesday the 29th.

The company hopes to surpass the box office achieved with the first installment of the film, which grossed over $687 million worldwide. In addition to repeating or multiplying the Oscar nominations for Best Animated Film and Best Original Song, achieved almost eight years ago.

To shake the emotions of fans, the trailer shows the reunion of the main characters, while also showing new adventures and faces. At the outset, we see Moana get on a boat, in which she will not be alone, while she looks at the horizon ready to embark on a journey. We also see her little pig Púa, her rooster Heihei and the demigod Maui, who will not miss the tests to be overcome far from Motunui, her native village.

Among other details, which fall like cards in the clip of a few seconds, we see that she is struck by lightning along with her tribe. Likewise, fans of Kakamora (pirate coconuts) witness a new encounter. The same as the terror spread by a new sea monster that will surely be the villain of the film.

After the success of the original, it is not unreasonable that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would return this time as producer. Of course he will also lend his English voice to the shape-shifting god Maui.

And the live action?

A few months ago there was talk about “Moana” linking it to two new projects. The first was an animated series and the second a live action. Despite this, and as happened with the protagonist of the film and her travels, everything took a different direction.

David G. Derrick Jr. is listed as director and screenwriter of the upcoming adventure. The official synopsis states that after receiving an unexpected call from her wayfinding ancestors, Moana must travel to the distant seas of Oceania and dangerous, long-lost waters, to live an adventure like she has never faced before.

The premiere was scheduled for November 28 and in addition to Johnson, actress Auli'i Cravalho, who previously voiced the Disney princess, will also be present in the sequel. Where Cravalho will not be will be in the live action that delayed its premiere to 2025, leaving room for this “Moana” to pave the way for him.

The animated series, whose premiere had been announced on Disney+, was replaced and condensed into the film that will be released in November. The decision was made in February.

Other details

While little is known about “Moana 2,” another crucial aspect is that the composer of the songs from the first, Lin-Manuel Miranda, will not be back. The baton has been taken by Emily Bear and Abigail Barlow, despite the fact that the song “How Far I'll Go” was even nominated for an Oscar.

The plot is set in ancient Polynesia and opens space for a new opportunity to fix an evil that threatens nature. The traveler will be alerted to this.

In “Moana 2” there will be no shortage, in addition to music, of that humor that characterized the first installment, as well as environmental awareness.

It doesn't hurt to refresh your memory with the 2016 film, available on Disney+. Courage, faith and stubbornness will be enough for the young protagonist to reinforce her power and her voice as líder.

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