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Miranda! doesn't stop and announces new album while on tour

The Argentine duo will perform on September 12 at the Concha Acústica in Bello Monte

Miranda! He doesn't take a break and in the middle of his world tour he announced a new album, “Hotel Miranda 2”. It was during their presentation at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires where the Argentine musical duo released the release that promises to cover great classics. Just like they did on their last album “Hotel Miranda”Of 2023.

The new preview was visualized through a clip, lasting just over 30 seconds, that shows creatures submerged in water in what would be an aquarium, highlighted the specialized portal Indie Hoy.

The species end up celebrating with the announcement “New Miranda Hotel. Very soon”, without offering details about it.

In “Hotel Miranda!” Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattas joined forces with exponents of different styles. To cover their songs, they invited Emilia, María Becerra, Emmanuel Horvilleur, Juan Ingaramo, Cristian Castro, Chano and Bandalos Chinos to sing with them.

It should be remembered that “Hotel Miranda!” celebrated his more than two decades of musical career. “Our new album is the most ambitious project we have embarked on. Reversions of our classics with guest singers and different producers. To all this we add the idea that the album is an audiovisual work. Each song has its video, and all the videos are linked together in a sequence that shows the day-to-day activities of the Miranda Hotel! and its mysterious owners,” Sergi said at the time through social networks.

The winners of the Gardel de Oro, after three more concerts in Argentina, will head to Spain.

Concert in Venezuela

Last May, Miranda! announced that he will be performing next on September 12 at the Concha Acústica de Bello Monte, as part of the Hotel Miranda tour!

The interpreters of “I was lying” They will make a stop in Caracas to meet again with their Venezuelan audience after their last presentation in 2014.

It is expected that at the concert they will give away several hits from the nine studio albums they have. Six of those albums are live, but they also have several EPs and compilations.

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