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Migbelis Castellanos is ready to move in with her partner

Migbelis Castellanos said that she is ready to start a life as a couple with her boyfriend, Jason Unanue. The Venezuelan presenter assured that she is sure of the next step she will take and that what has her “destroyed” was giving up her house, highlighted People En Español magazine.

“I feel like I'm experiencing grief. I'm going to share them with you. I have been alone for about 6 years, living alone, paying for my own roof and now that just yesterday I had to hand over my apartment, I do it with great confidence, I am not afraid of failure, I am very happy, I am very sure of the decision I am making. "I'm trying to start living with my partner, but I feel like I'm destroyed inside because it's my house that I've worked so hard for," Castellanos said on the program "Desiguales," which she presents alongside Adamari López, Karina Banda, Amara La Negra and Dr. Nancy Álvarez.

“It has taken me a lot to get to where I am and feel secure in what I generate, in the money I pay. I'm not one of those people who has been from relationship to relationship. “I have given myself the opportunity to meet different boys, but making this decision has me devastated,” she added.

“It makes me very melancholy to know that I am leaving my safe nest, that I support myself, for now to share it with someone,” added the Miss Venezuela 2013.

Poise and elegance

Days ago, the entertainer talked about her relationship and how she met her boyfriend. “The first thing I thought when I saw my boyfriend the day I met him was 'this man is mine', I don't know, well I said it in English: 'This is my man!'” she recalled in an interview with the Mezcal TV program .

Migbelis Castellanos, who assures that she is living a beautiful stage in her life, expressed that one of the things that made her fall in love was his bearing and elegance.


The presenter also wanted to comment on the first time they spoke. "The conversation I had with him the first time I saw him is one of those conversations where you say 'I feel like I'm at home', 'could this be what true love feels like?' And yes, that's how it feels. It was very nice, I think the way we met was very nice, it was very genuine too. There were no intermediaries. There were no dating apps, which I was on for a long time too,” she revealed.

Likewise, with nothing to hide, Migbelis Castellanos pointed out that she was the one who took the first step to see him again.

“The place where we met was a gala, and I was sitting next to him, then they also sat him next to me and I grabbed his phone and gave him my phone number and my name myself. I saved it on his phone so he could write to me,” she recalled.

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