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Micro TDH prepares for the third edition of the TDH Fest

Micro TDH is ready for the third edition of its TDH Fest festival. The singer, through a question and answer session, announced that he hopes this year to be able to bring the musical experience again to his fans in his native Mérida.

“God willing, this year the third festival is coming, amen,” Micro responded to one of his followers. The 25-year-old composer did not offer details of the event, but it is presumed to be in the pre-production phase.

In 2022, the interpreter of “The Phantom” announced his TDH Fest in which he continued the first experience that previously featured the participation of Akapellah, Adson, Neutro Shorty, Flame, Suei, among others.

"So nothing, everything always starts with a dream and an idea, my dream with this is to be able to leave something perpetual, that strengthens our city in the tourism field and that serves as a portal to exalt Venezuelan and of course, Merida culture," he said on Micro TDH at the time.

On the other hand, the singer responded to a question related to one of his projects. “Why don't you do TDH on Sundays anymore?” they asked him.

And that was a space in which Micro shared the topics requested by his followers on Instagram. Despite that, he responded: “Because I want them to hesitate and I want to hesitate too. So like a break. I will be back soon".

“We are going to release the movie”

Another of the concerns of his followers was when he would return to Venezuela, the country where he was born, where he grew up and where he took his first musical steps.

“I'm getting on the plane. We are going to release the movie,” stated the man from Merida in relation to the screening of the film in which he debuted as an actor and which was filmed in the United States.

This is “Lost Soulz,” a film that will soon be released in the country. Given the great challenge of being in English, Micro highlighted that audiences who do not understand the English language will be able to enjoy it with Spanish subtitles.

“Lost Soulz”

In this project, Micro TDH plays Froggy and was also the creator of the music. The cast of the film is completed by Siyanda Stillwell, Aaron “Seven” Melloul, Krystall Poppin, among other figures. 

“We are going to premiere our movie @lostsoulzmovie in Venezuela, one of my goals was for my people to be able to see it and now it is a reality, you can now buy your tickets on the official @cinexve page,” reported the now actor in a publication on the social network of the camera.

And he added: “Wednesday is the preview at the Tolón shopping center in Caracas, that day I will be there answering questions and sharing with you, so see you there. The film will be released nationwide in the following cities and movie theaters: Lost Soulz – Cinex Venezuela.”

The English-language feature film “Lost Soulz” tells the story of a young rapper who leaves his surrogate family behind and embarks on an expedition through Texas, contemplating new and old friendships.

The feature film was directed by Katherine Propper and produced by the Venezuelan brothers Juan Carlos and Andrés Eduardo Figueredo.

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