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Micro TDH is happy for the premiere of “Lost Soulz” in Miami

The Venezuelan rapper is part of the cast of the feature film

Micro TDH announced that they will be presenting the film in which they participate, “Lost Soulz” (“Lost Soul”), in Miami. The Venezuelan singer, who thanked him for his debut in acting, invited him to enjoy the story on the big screen in the city of the sun.

“Miami is going to be presenting our movie 'Lost Soulz' for a week at Silverspot Cinema,” the vocalist wrote in a post on Instagram.

“For those who wanted to see it, we will be at the premiere. Go see it, invite her friends and see you at the movies,” Micro TDH then added in the shared post.

In addition to Micro, who plays Froggy and was also the creator of the music, the film's cast is completed by Siyanda Stillwell, Aaron “Seven” Melloul, Krystall Poppin, among other figures. 

What is it about?

The English-language feature film “Lost Soulz” tells the story of a young rapper who leaves his surrogate family behind and embarks on an expedition through Texas, contemplating new and old friendships.

According to the official synopsis, the drama tells the story of “Sol, an aspiring teenage rapper, abandons his best friend in the middle of a party that has gone wrong and hits the road with a group of young musicians.” .

“Outtake of our performance @TAG! Lost Soulz comes to MIAMI this Friday and Saturday at 7 pm with a special Q&A with the cast @microtdh @baby7am and the film's producers following the screening @silverspotcinema. The film will premiere all week through May 31 at Silverspot Cinema Miami! Come see good vibes and songs!”, shared the Venezuelan rapper in another publication on the camera account.

Venezuelan talent

“Lost Soulz” was directed by Katherine Propper and produced by Venezuelan brothers Juan Carlos and Andrés Eduardo Figueredo.

It has a spiritual message and about the search for dreams, described Figueredo, who spoke with national media.

Juan Carlos, for his part, added that he also talks about redemption and how people can make mistakes, “but if you understand why you did that, you can correct them,” he said.

“Lost Soulz, according to Juan Carlos, has an excellent one that addresses topics such as music and the connections that are made through it. According to him, he came from doing “Free Convict” in prison and it was also about how to use art as a mechanism to find a family and how to improve oneself internally and create alternatives for conflictive situations.

Likewise, the brothers pointed out that the film also develops the story of an artist who seeks to make his music, but also sells drugs to be able to get time in the studio. The decisions he makes along the way affect his development in a more famous group that invites him to be part of them.

“We made a lot of music for the film, that was the second process, making all the songs. It is a film with a lot of music and we did the creation and construction of all those songs in New York in a period of three days,” added Andrés.

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