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Mariángel Ruiz: “Yes, I am thinner and it is not because of fashion”

Mariángel Ruiz decided to clarify why she looks thinner today. The actress, presenter and former beauty queen reacted in this way to the frequent messages she receives on the subject, some of which are hurtful, as she let it be known.

“I would like to be able to respond with these words to many of the comments that have been left to me in recent days. At least to the messages that are repeated the most, from the most acidic to the most subtle versions,” the businesswoman also wrote on her Instagram profile.

Next, Ruiz went on to list a series of reflections on the situation he is experiencing, beginning by mentioning that there is no perfect balance between all things and situations in life.

Priorities are chosen

“What I mean is that, in some stages we are permanently in that search, in others, we simply assume that it is not possible to bring everything in complete balance at the same time. Understanding that it is not possible is the most realistic thing,” he noted.

“Understanding that first, then we choose priorities without so much dilemma. “We decide what we give more of ourselves to and in turn we choose the resignations we will make,” he added.

The protagonist of the remembered soap opera 'the young widow' She then highlighted that, in her case, this is summarized in the fact that she is currently focused most of the time on her university studies and her work, dedicating the little free time she has to her home and rest.

For nothing written

All this, he shows, has had an impact on his physique. “Yes, I am thinner and it is not because of fashion, nor because of health, nor because of anorexia, nor because of the thousands of things that have been written. It is because some people lose weight when we have a lot of activity and busyness,” she noted.

Miss Venezuela 2002 also confessed that the comments on the subject are hurtful to her, although she is very clear that this is the world of social networks.

“Yes, they hurt me, with their mockery and with every derogatory and disrespectful word. She just wanted to tell you that. That I know how virtual life works, that I am no stranger to living with this. But, despite that, they hurt me,” she said.

Mariángel Ruiz's comment immediately aroused the solidarity of her followers, among whom some celebrities spoke out.

Courtesy Instagram @mariangelruiztorrealba

rude thing

"I'm sorry. What a rude thing public life, public rudeness, lack of empathy. Big hug,” said actress María Gabriela de Faría, while former model Giselle Reyes commented: “Respect the lives of others.”

Journalist Laura Viera also noted: “Excellent little hand. We love you more than the dollar. For my part, I will continue sending those without a job to assemble a rice or a washing machine,” while Mariaca Semprún, for her part, expressed: “I love you.”

The announcer Natalia Moretti, for her part, pointed out: “I'm just saying that for me you are a queen, worthy of admiration, that you live a life that is leaving a legacy in many women and that is enough for me. You are amazing".

Many projects

It should be noted that in addition to her studies in Psychology at the Andrés Bello Catholic University, Mariángel Ruiz is currently preparing to go on stage with the production 'The Lie', where she will share the scene with Patricia Schwarzgruber and Adrián Delgado, under the direction of the director. Carlota Vivas.

In addition to that, she is immersed in the recordings of the reality show 'Malas mujeres', in which she participates alongside Coraima Torres, Kiara, Norkys Batista, Daniela Alvarado, Daniela Navarro, Roxana Díaz and Valentina Quintero.

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