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Mariaca Semprún premiered version of “Malignant Eyes”

Mariaca Semprún shared her most recent release, in which she presents a new version of the remembered “Ojos malinos”, a song made famous by the legendary Soledad Bravo. The Venezuelan artist also premiered her new album this Tuesday, May 28.

“Do you remember this song? It was always one of my favorite songs and I really wanted to record it,” Semprún wrote in a recent publication On Instagram.

“We made a completely different and surprising version. It was popularized in 1991 by one of the best voices in Venezuela, my most admired Soledad Bravo. This song is part of my new release called 'The tropical storm deluxe', where there are all kinds of fusions of Latin rhythms. Also, it was the main theme of a soap opera by César Miguel Rondón. Do you remember which one it was?

“Evil eyes”, as you will remember, was the main theme of the soap opera “Kaina”, which aired on Venevisión in 1995. The drama starred Viviana Gibelli, Jean Carlo Simancas, Hilda Abrahamz and Aroldo Betancourt.

The story takes place in a remote fictional town lost in time within the Amazon jungle of the Canaima National Park: San Ignacio del Cocuy. There the story of Catalina Miranda (Gibelli) and Maniña Yerichana (Abrahamz) is told, two women confronted by the legend, superstition, magic and love of a man, Ricardo León “El Chalanero” (Simancas).

The song, written by Juan Pichardo, seeks to highlight the mystery that surrounds the character of Maniña Yerichana.

The topic "'evil eyes' was published in 1994 (…) I remember that Antonio Sánchez approached me so that the theme would serve as the banner for a soap opera that, at that time, I was writing titled 'Kaina'. But I told hime, 'Antonio, the novel takes place in the jungle, in a bucolic environment, full of foliage... And that version sounds very Catia La Mar to me, to say the least.' Antonio left… He looked for the arranger Yasmil Marrufo, and when he returned they brought this version that he also smashed,” César Miguel Rondón said on his website about the production, whose original version was in salsa.

It should be noted that the album in which Soledad Bravo included the song obtained a gold and platinum record and was widely highlighted by Venezuelan music critics.

The new version of 'Malignant Eyes' debuted with its respective official video clip, which was directed by Alex Albarrán.

Tribute to Dúrcal

It should be mentioned that last month, Mariaca Semprún starred in a tribute to the legendary singer Rocío Dúrcal, in the most recent installment of the “Invitados” project by Venezuelan keyboardist and producer Gilberto Ferrer.

“Afternoon”, “Eternal Love”, “Stay with me tonight", “I like you a lot” and “La gata under the rain”, are some of the iconic singles that are part of the “Rocío Dúrcal Medley”, in which the actress from productions such as “Pálpito” sings 11 songs from the “most Spanish “Mexican.”

"'Late'. This clip is the last one I needed to share with you from the Homage to Rocío Dúrcal that I made with @gilberto_ferrer and @mariachi_mexico_internacional,” the 43-year-old vocalist shared in another publication on the aforementioned social network.

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