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María Gabriela de Faría promotes her new film on the track

The film will hit US theaters in July

Venezuelan María Gabriela de Faría is in full promotion of the film “The Duel”, in which she shares credits with her husband Christian McGaffney.

Last weekend, the actress of series like “Grachi” and “Isa TKM” went to the
Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a racetrack located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, to begin promoting the film that was recently acquired by the companies Lionsgate and Grindstone Entertainment in an event called Indy 500. There it was immersed in a car race where the protagonist It was the adrenaline.

“Kissing the brick patio in tribute to the history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway,” María Gabriela commented in a story where she and part of the cast of the project kissed the race track.

An incredible day

Additionally, in the stories section María Gabriela de Faría filmed and photographed some of the most important moments of the day, as producer and star of “The Duel”, Dylan Sprouse (“Beautiful Disaster”) aboard a racing car at about to reach high speeds on the track.

“Our star, executive producer and grand marshal of @indycar: Mr. @dylansprouse,” was the message shared by the actress from "Superman".

“This was surreal,” the businesswoman also expressed with emotion in a photo where she poses with her husband, who also enjoyed the date and the camaraderie that was in the atmosphere, sipping everything with Bárbara Palvin, wife of the film's protagonist.

“The award for the most supportive and generous wife goes to @realbarbarapalvin who after this weekend deserves to be co EP (executive producer) ❤️ Rude, strong, kind, funny, helpful and all while looking perfect. She is also Christian McGaffney’s new personal photographer and public relations person,” she joked.

Finally, María Gabriela de Faría maintained that this event marked “a pretty epic start to our trip with the @afthunderbirds pilots joining in the excitement.”

“The Duel”

This drama with comedy tones deals with dangerous friendships and a lot of drugs. According to the official synopsis from FilmAffinity, the plot follows some young people and “when Woody discovers that Colin slept with Abbie, their friendship group begins to fall apart and leads them on a drug-filled adventure across the border to a mysterious property.”

Deadline, on the other hand, reported that the companies Lionsgate and Grindstone Entertainment acquired the rights to distribute the feature film in North America, as well as in all other English-speaking and Latin American territories.

This is Sprouse's debut as an executive producer and will hit theaters next July, when you can also enjoy a script where the two enemies decide to solve the bed problem the old-fashioned way: by facing off in a duel.

Caught in this strange situation, his group of friends becomes entangled with an eccentric antique store owner (Patrick Warburton) obsessed with the past, a cocaine dealer and a pig, which takes them across the border. to a mysterious and impressive property,” details Deadline.

“This movie is tremendously fun, unpredictable and hilarious. “Moviegoers will love spending time with these characters in this extremely fun story,” Barry Brooker, CEO of Grindstone Entertainment, told the portal.

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