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María Antonieta Hidalgo will share the set with Édgar Ramírez

The Venezuelan actress, based in Mexico, signed a contract to join the film

Venezuelan actress María Antonieta Hidalgo signed a contract to participate in a film alongside Édgar Ramírez, the most prominent Venezuelan actor in Hollywood in recent years. The name of the production is kept secret as is its synopsis.

Despite this, Marie Antoinette is excited about this new cinematographic challenge, especially because she shares credits with a cinema giant.

The film production will take place in Mexico in 2024, a country where Marie Antoinette has resided for several years and has forged a successful professional career.

Hidalgo is a recognized figure in both Venezuela and Mexico, thanks to his participation in film and television projects. In addition, he has shone in the theater, recently successfully closing the season of the acclaimed play “The Unusual Case of Mr. Morton” at the prestigious Julio Castillo Theater in Mexico City.

This new project brings María Antonieta Hidalgo closer to Hollywood, consolidating her career as an actress and opening exciting opportunities for her professional future.

Maria Antonieta Hidalgo
Photo: courtesy José Verdalles

rising career

The last few months have been, for María Antonieta Hidalgo, a lot of theater. But you can also enjoy her talent through the Paramount + streaming service, where the film is available. "Hunch", in which he participates alongside a cast of great Mexican figures.

Bruno Bichir, Michelle Renaud, Osvaldo Benavidez (Nandito in the popular soap opera “María la del Barrio”) and the Venezuelan immersed themselves in a story that is inspired by real events, under the direction of Manuel Craviotto (responsible for acclaimed series such as “Monarca” and “Narcos México”).

In that project María Antonieta plays Daniela, the main dancer of the bar where the officials and workers of the Corazonada Lottery Draw meet to plan the great fraud of the year.

The dancer begins to become interested in the robbery when she finds out about the large sum of money they want to steal and, little by little, she becomes more involved in this fraud until she ends up completely involved.

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