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Maite Delgado will be the host of Miss Venezuela 2024

Maite Delgado will once again be in charge of hosting the final night of Miss Venezuela. The announcement of the Anzoatiguense presenter's return to the event was revealed during the beginning of the anniversary week of the program “Portada's al día”, on Venevisión.

“That is a call that I do not expect, and the times that I have received it, I receive it with great enthusiasm. For me, the Miss Venezuela stage is a gift, a school, it is the immense pride in my heart of what I have experienced,” said the former beauty queen on the program.

“I have experienced that scenario from all possible perspectives. I have experienced it as a candidate, as a singer, showgirl, host, I have experienced it from my home,” she added.

Delgado highlighted in the aforementioned magazine that his low expectations are not because he thinks he does not deserve that responsibility, but because "there are many of my colleagues who are more than ready to conduct that event in the best possible way," he admitted. . The one born in Valle de Guanape also highlighted that when that moment comes she will be “in the front row” from her house “to applaud them.”

But the host is not the only one who is satisfied with this announcement. “We are very happy to have Maite, the number one entertainer par excellence, in our country, back in our family. It is a true honor for all of us to know that her voice will mark the history of Miss Venezuela 2024 and that we will have the pleasure of seeing her shine with pride on the most beautiful night of the year," Jonathan Blum highlighted in a note sent to the media, president of Cisneros Media, the company responsible for the beauty pageant.

the most beautiful night

The 72nd edition of the great Venezuelan beauty event will be the nineteenth time that Maite Delgado will take over the leadership of the so-called great national beauty event, as highlighted in the press release sent by Venevisión.

Her first appearance at the helm of the pageant was in the 1997 edition, just 11 years after having achieved third place as a candidate (she was Miss Anzoátegui) in the 1986 gala.

As highlighted in the text sent by the Tigritos channel, the preparations for Miss Venezuela 2024 are well advanced and details of the show will soon be made public, which will be seen live through the Venevisión and Venevisión Play, OnDirecTV and VePlus signals.

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