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Maestro Rodolfo Saglimbeni new conductor of the Chilean Symphony Orchestra

By a large majority, the members of the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile approved the appointment of maestro Rodolfo Saglimbeni as the principal conductor of the ensemble, a position that he will assume during this exceptional period, leading the artistic and programming work, in advance of what will be the 80s. ° anniversary of the main orchestra in the country, in 2021. 

Of Venezuelan and Italian nationality, Saglimbeni trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London, where he has received numerous recognitions throughout his career, being awarded the Order "Waraira Repano" of the Mayor of Caracas and the Order "José Félix Ribas ”. Likewise, he was awarded the honorary title ARAM (Associate of the Royal Academy of Music) by the Royal Academy of Music in London. In 2014 he was named by the Government of Italy as “Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy”, for his achievements in the field of science, letters and the arts.

The renowned maestro Rodolfo Saglimbeni, Artistic Director of the Municipal Orchestra of Caracas and the Orchestra of the National University of Cuyo in Argentina, With extensive experience in teaching, conducting and orchestral training, since 1990 he has been tutoring the Canford (England) summer course, and since 1993 co-director of this international teaching center. In 2013 he assumed the direction of the "George Hurst" Faculty of the Sherborne Summer School of Music in England. 

Along with the above, the outstanding teacher was in charge of the concerts that the Chilean National Symphony offered during January 2019 in Santiago, Viña del Mar and Frutillar, in addition to the remarkable presentation made last July at CorpArtes, where he conducted masterful Tchaikovski Symphony No. 5 - among other works - concert that was praised by the public and critics. 

Saglimbeni will also be the one who will take the baton in what will be the debut of this orchestra in Argentina, a country where he will arrive to offer a concert at the National Auditorium of the Kirchner Cultural Center in Buenos Aires - also known as "La Ballena Azul" - on Thursday September 12 at 20:00 p.m. On the occasion, the Symphony will present a program that will include the Piano Concerto No. 2 by Dmitri Shostakovich - with the maestro Luis Alberto Latorre -, the Adagio of the Symphony No. 10 by Mahler, and the famous Symphony No. 5 by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Along with marking a milestone in the history of the National Symphony - being its first time in the trans-Andean country - the visit to Argentina also represents an important artistic challenge, since the Kirchner Cultural Center of Buenos Aires is the largest cultural complex in Latin America , as well as the third worldwide. 

After having made various collaborations with the orchestra, maestro Saglimbeni has established a close relationship with the ensemble, obtaining remarkable artistic results as well as demonstrating his vast experience and maturity to consolidate and project the work of the artistic body. In this regard, the maestro points out that “it is an honor and privilege for me to have been chosen as the principal conductor of one of the most important orchestras, with the longest track record and projection in Latin America and therefore throughout the continent.

It also happens at a very important moment in the history of the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile, such as being on the path of its first 80 years and above all, for being an exceptional witness of the accelerated construction of the much-deserved theater, which It will undoubtedly be one of the most modern and important concert halls in the region and in all of Latin America. I also receive the news with deep gratitude, since the OSNCh It was the first international orchestra that really gave me a very serious and professional level professional work platform, offering me important projects and programs in several of its seasons for approximately two decades… without a doubt a privilege, which I appreciate! ” …

For his part, the director of the Center for Artistic and Cultural Extension of the University of Chile, CEAC, Diego Matte, stated that “We are very happy to have his direction and company, this is a historic moment for the Orchestra in which a artistic maturity and the approach of the inauguration of his new house, which presents us with new challenges. The Maestro gives us all the confidence for his maturity and experience to guide us in this process, taking the baton from the previous owner Leonid Grin who also did a great job with the Orchestra ”.

Director: Rodolfo Saglimbeni (Venezuela) 
Dmitri Shostakovich - Piano Concerto No. 2 
Soloist: Luis Alberto Latorre
Gustav Mahler - Adagio, Symphony No. 10
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 5  

Néstor Kirchner Cultural Center
National Auditorium

Thursday, September 12, 20:00 p.m.
Sarmiento 151, Buenos Aires.
Tickets available at:

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