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Luis Silva celebrated that he is the most listened to artist on Spotify

The singer occupies first place in the top five of the well-known platform

Luis Silva is the llanera music singer with the most listeners on Spotify. 2024 has been a successful year for the golden barinés, as he is also known, for managing to become the most important artist of the genre with 672 thousand 2 monthly listeners.

The interpreter of hits like “Enfuredida”, “How can I not say it”, among others, occupies the preferred place of honor among the public who love Llanera music.

“Consistency, work as a result of discipline that as a team makes God reward. Thanks to all my people who support these numbers that give greater presence to our llanera music on the most important music streaming platform on the planet,” Silva shared in a post on Instagram.

Top 5 Spotify

The shared post highlights the top five of the most listened to artists of Venezuelan Venezuelan music, on the most used platform in the world.

In fifth position is the remembered Simón Díaz with 243 thousand 7 monthly listeners. Uncle Simón is part of the heritage of Venezuelans thanks to the musical and cultural legacy that he left in each of his songs.

In position number four is Jorge Guerrero with 265 thousand monthly listeners. The singer, known as the folklore warrior, has built a career that spans decades and that reflects his deep love for Sabanero culture.

In third place is Reynaldo Armas with 278 thousand 8 monthly listeners. Cardenal Sabanero is known as the number one of Canta Criolla.

Second place goes to Julio Miranda with 341 thousand monthly listeners. The Venezuelan singer is the author of great hits that left a mark on music and an open path in folklore.


As expected, the followers of the interpreter of “Poor rich boy”, did not hesitate to express their support for the singer. “Congratulations brother, what a blessing… you deserve everything for your dedication and commitment to your work. My admiration and affection for you always brother and compadre”; “The best among the best”; “That's it, brother, through hard work and perseverance, let the successes continue,” are some of the messages that can be read.

Luis Silva has managed to reach the hearts of different generations: boys, girls, teenagers, adults and the elderly follow his music full of Venezuelan culture. Without any distinction other than the desire to cheer and recreate the soul, they have consecrated him as a unique artist within the Venezuelan musical staff.

Tour Venezuela 2024

Luis Silva will be presenting with his Tour Venezuela 2024-Europe Tour. In fact, the artist with the passion and charm of llanera music recently delighted his followers in Spain.

The tour promises to be a unique experience full of melodies and lyrics that have conquered hearts.

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