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Luis Gerónimo Abreu celebrates new television success in Colombia

Luis Gerónimo Abreu was happy about the current success of the Colombian soap opera 'Devuélveme la vida', where he plays the adult version of Rogelio Benítez/Rogelio Azcárate. The Venezuelan actor was also grateful for the "affection" that his character receives on social networks.

“The telenovela 'Devuélveme la vida' on Caracol TV is taking off, it is doing wonderfully well, and people are enjoying it a lot,” he commented in a video lesson posted on his Instagram profile. “For me it was a pleasure to do it, with a wonderful cast, of great actors and actresses, and better human beings, with an incomparable technical team, as always happens to me when I work with Caracol. "I'm happy, I was happy doing it and I'm even happier now seeing the results on the air," the 51-year-old artist then commented.

Love messages"

Next, Luis Gerónimo Abreu referred to the reaction that the public has had with his character, who in the first stage of the drama was played by Ricardo Mejía.

“I also wanted to publicly thank all those messages of love that my character Rogelio receives. I check on Twitter and here on Instagram and I see the comments they send to the good human being that Rogelio is. Thank you for all those messages and good wishes for Rogelio. “They are loved the same,” commented the interpreter with a laugh.

In the shared clip, Abreu took the opportunity to include some of the messages he refers to in his publication. “It's incredible how good an actor he is who plays Benítez, because we all deeply hate the character” or “Everything goes well for that guy Rogelio, I'm going to enjoy it when it starts to go wrong,” were some of the comments that stood out. the actor.

“Venezuelan pride”

Beyond the character, the majority of the actor's followers highlighted his work: “Despite how perverse Rogelio's character is, it is impossible not to love him. The strength you give to your performances is impressive”; “Hahaha, so cute. Always welcome to my Colombia”; “I don't miss it and I suffer too much with Rogelio. I started watching it because of you, because you are Venezuelan pride”; “Bravo, Luis Gerónimo. “You have the ability and divine gift to turn all your characters into success”; and “You do it so well that you produce hate. We love you, Venezuelan pride,” commented other users on Instagram.

It should be noted that the story of 'Devuélveme la vida', a drama that premiered on April 16, is set between the 50s, 60s and 70s, focusing on a forbidden passion and addressing issues such as racial discrimination and drug trafficking.​

The protagonists of the production, created by Camilo Acuña and María Paula Bustamante, are Paula Castaño and Jair Romero, with Luis Gerónimo Abreu and Jairo Camargo as antagonists.

The history

The plot tells the drama that is unleashed when Alfredo Azcárate (Carlos Manuel Vesca and Jairo Camargo), the father of Mariana Azcárate (María José Camacho and Paula Castaño), the heiress of the La Victoria cotton estate, discovers that his daughter is in love with Joaquín (Sergio Herrera and Jair Romero), an Afro day laborer, highlights the Caracol TV synopsis.

Deciding to put an end to the romance, she makes the decision to get rid of him and the baby that is on the way. However, Joaquín survives the assassination attempt and flees. Years later, Mariana will discover that she was deceived, and that Joel, her son presumed dead in childbirth, was stolen at birth. He falls in love with Sara, Mariana's adopted daughter and new heir to the hacienda, while Joaquín, who managed to survive, has returned to exact revenge on the Azcárate family.

Rogelia, Luis Gerónimo Abreu's character, is an unrecognized son of Orlando Azcárate, Alfredo Azcárate's cousin. He will seek to conquer Mariana with the aim of taking over her family's empire. On top of that, he hides that he runs a drug trafficking business.

It is important to highlight that before this production, Abreu stood out in Colombia with the production 'Bolívar: an admirable struggle', which was also seen on the Netflix platform. There he gave life to Simón Bolívar in his adult stage, while his compatriot Jose'Ramón Barreto played the Liberator in his young stage.

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