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The Vallenato Infidels returned repowered

A singer from Zulia joined the front train of the group

After eight years, the group Los Infieles del Vallenato returned to the stage with new members and sound with the intention of preparing to celebrate, in 2027, its thirty years of experience.

The Colombians Alex and Andrés, and the Zulian Martín make up the new front group of the group, which offered a showcase in Caracas to present their new voices and “Pago el precio”, their most recent single.

Its producer and creator, the Venezuelan Samir Sahili, commented that after almost a decade they wanted to resume the project that was consolidated with the theme “Teach me to forget“, considered one of the classics of vallenato. “I wanted them to know us for a different vallenato, that's why we returned to the project. “I wanted a maracucho singer and Martín arrived through some auditions we did, because we wanted young blood to have the opportunity to expand the legacy of the group,” he explained.

In fact, Andrés, the accordion player and native of the city of Cúcuta, is barely 18 years old. “It has been an incredible experience to be able to be with my colleagues in this new stage and also important for everyone.”

Regarding his participation in the group, Martín said that being a native of Maracaibo he has listened to vallenato all his life. “It has been hard work, but very important.”
Something that Alex endorsed, for whom sharing on national soil “is something enriching for me and my music.” 

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