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Los Amigos Invisibles released EP “Ecological Song”

Los Amigos Invisibles continue their fun with the release of the EP “Canción ecological”. The Venezuelan band, which combines genres such as acid jazz, funk, salsa and merengue, among others, in its sound, is currently in the middle of its 'Cool Love Tour'.

“We released the 'Canción ecological' EP, with remixes by Sun Splash (Venezuelan producer),” commented vocalist Julio Briceño in a video posted on Instagram. “Invisible friends always on the move, I hope you like it,” the vocalist also noted.

In a previous post, the band shared why they selected the song 'Ecological Song' to lead the project, which highlights a cover by photographer Sofi Chapa.

“This is the latest single from 'Cool Love'. We chose it because since the album came out, it is one of the songs that you liked the most,” they highlighted on the aforementioned social network. “This EP brings some very refreshing remixes made by Sun Splash of 'Ecological Song' and Dan Solo made the remixes of the song 'Eh Eh Oh Oh feat. C-Funk and Silverio Lozada'. As well as an alternative mix of the song 'Solo los dos feat. Manuel Ferraz'”, they then point out in the publication.

“Thanks to everyone involved,” they also noted in reference to the production, which was mastered at the famous Abbey Road studios.

The launch did not leave its followers indifferent. “The song (fire emojis). I love Amigos Invisibles, I hope to see them again in another concert at the Metropolitan (CDMX)”; “How fine. Let's listen to it, panita”; “This video is very good, Chulius (Julio Briceño). That song is the best, thank you for everything you give us”; “It's great, one of my favorite songs”; “They gave it an even more ecological touch”; “Bravo, my Friends. As always, it will be a success”; and “Every time I hear 'tropical storm' on the news, I can't help but think of you and sing 'Eco Song', haha,” are some of the messages that stand out in the comments section of the post.

Notably 'ecological song' is track number 15 from the studio album 'Cool Love', released in 2022.

“It's not a tropical storm or global warming that makes me sweat when you dance. I want to make you happy, stop suffering. Come and take this swing that intoxicates us,” the group sings in part of the song's chorus.

In relation to their current concert tour, Los Amigos Invisibles recently confirmed more dates in different cities in the United States (Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami, among others), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) and Latin America (Mexico City, Saltillo, Bogotá and Lima, among others). These shows will take place between July 19 and December 7, 2024.

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