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“Llano on the shore of the beach”, this is how Mata Rica's new album vibrates

"Ironía" and "Laguna Vieja" are two of the songs covered in the recently released production

“Caracha Party” is the most recent album by Mata Rica. In the album, the Venezuelan group adds a “relaxing” touch to emblematic songs of llanera music.

In an interview with Últimas Noticias, Alejandro Conde, vocalist of the group inclined towards rhythms such as reggae and ska, gave some details about the creation of the album. “In addition to stimulating love for Venezuelan music, another reason why we carried out this project is because we are great admirers of the genre. Personally, I always dreamed of making llanera music, but life took me to another genre,” said the artist.

Likewise, he added that he and his colleagues wanted to contribute a specific aesthetic to this work and that is why it does not include other prominent rhythms of Venezuelan culture such as calypso or drums. “We wanted it to have the unique format of hard music and also for the particularity of this album to be mixing the plain with the beach.”

In this way, upon hearing “Irony“, what was previously described is quickly grasped, although the same happens with the rest of the repertoire. The topic is originally from Luis Silva, but the singer-songwriter Alejandro Rondón, one of the collaborators of “Caracha Party”, released a remake in 2021.

Additionally, Alejandro revealed that to define the album's tracklist they took into account the public's preferences and their own. So, that's how Mata Rica created a “Caracha Party” that offers Venezuelan folklore seasoned with Jamaican rhythms like reggae and ska.

However, the interpreter of “You were you” raised the possibility of extending “Caracha Party” to a second part with other famous llanera melodies and repeating this format with another genre.

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