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Liliana Rodríguez to Alicia Machado: “Change your nationality”

It has been several days since the departure of José Luis Rodríguez, El Puma, from the culinary reality show 'Top Chef VIP 3'. However, the conflict that the Venezuelan starred in with his compatriot Alicia Machado continues to give something to talk about. Now, Liliana Rodríguez Morillo comes on stage to defend her father and send a message to the former Miss Universe.

The eldest daughter of the vocalist of hits like 'Agárrense de las manos' took advantage of a recent appearance to openly criticize Machado's attitude. She did it as a guest on the Telemundo program 'La Mesa Caliente'.

“What we witnessed days ago on screen was something disastrous, terrifying, inadmissible, unacceptable and unforgivable. We witnessed seeing an icon, Venezuelan national heritage, being attacked, insulted, mocked by a great Venezuelan lady (makes quotes). The truth is that we are angry, upset, regretful and disappointed that this has happened," commented the singer and actress.

“This 'great Venezuelan lady' had the courage to demand and ask for respect, when we all know that respect is neither begged nor demanded, but rather earned,” said the daughter of the Zuliana singer Lila Morillo.

respect earned

Rodríguez Morillo also highlighted that his father has earned the respect of the entertainment industry after a “long life of sacrifice, hard, arduous work, and complete and total dedication.”

Next, the 57-year-old artist emphasized that “gray hair is respected,” in reference to the age of the Puma, who is already 81 years old.

“We are tired and fed up with bullying of the elderly, much less of an icon, the national heritage of any nation, much less on a public screen. That is unacceptable, because if we leave it, what message are we giving to the Hispanic public that we defend so much? "She commented excitedly and in clear reference to the production team of 'Top Chef VIP 3'. “If (something like what is mentioned) happens, it has to be sanctioned, it cannot be ignored. “I don't feel like letting it pass me by,” she said.

Does not represent the country

In response to the comment from one of the program's presenters that she spoke about the issue as a daughter, Rodríguez explained that she did so as a Venezuelan. “Venezuela respects itself,” she added, expressing that the former miss does not represent the country or the Venezuelans.

After another of the hosts asked her what she would say to Alicia Machado now, Liliana Rodríguez said: “A request, 'great lady, on a personal level: change your nationality. Venezuela was too big for you (…) Unfortunately, you were, a few moons ago, representative of Venezuelan beauty, wow, a title that I think should be revocable, because conduct and example have to be passed through filters.” Every day of your life when you represent a nation,” said Liliana Rodríguez, who in the past has confessed that the relationship with his father is almost non-existent.

And he added: “If you are a public figure, greater responsibility is required of you with your family, with God and with the nation you represent. You do not represent Venezuelan beauty. Because? Because what we see in you is an immense, immaculate internal ugliness, and an infinite lack of God. Mamacita, look for help. You are crazy. “Seek God, you need help and it is urgent.”

Gaby Spanic supported Puma

It should be noted that in addition to Liliana Rodríguez, figures such as the Venezuelan Gaby Spanic They also demanded respect for El Puma.

“I support Puma, who doesn't remember this wonderful song that was sung all over the world? Help me make this complete tribute to a great Venezuelan artist. I love you in time, I would love for everyone to do it on their social networks; I will be waiting to share the videos of him”, wrote on his Instagram profile.

As will be recalled, the clash between El Puma and Alicia Machado It occurred during a 'Top Chef VIP' test where they had to work as a couple. The moment of tension in which they participated was a trend on social networks and earned a wave of criticism of the maracayera, whom many pointed out for her “arrogance” and “lack of respect.”

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