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Jenni Rivera's legacy is immortalized on the Hollywood Walk

The American singer of Mexican origin obtained posthumous recognition

The legacy of Jenni Rivera, who died in 2012, was immortalized with a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The recognition on the emblematic boulevard was accepted by her children, reported EFE.

"My mother was not a woman who said 'I dream about this', my mother was a woman of facts, and she said 'one of these days I'm going to have a star on the Walk of Fame.' I remember the day,” said one of her daughters, Chiquis Rivera, excitedly. The gala served to honor the memory of the American singer of Mexican origin.

The artist's five children attended the event. They were accompanied by the Mexican singer and family friend, Gloria Trevi. Together they uncovered star number 2.783 with Jenni Rivera's name in bronze.

“Harvesting their successes will continue, like this star, which symbolizes their light in our hearts. “Today is a day to celebrate the life of Jenni Rivera,” Trevi said.

Busy presentation

Hundreds of fans of 'La Diva de la Banda' gathered this Thursday, June 27, outside the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles. The star was placed there, unveiled in the afternoon, where the artist was remembered with Mexican flags.

“Ahead of her time, (Rivera) triumphed in a genre dominated by men. She highlighted the bravery of women, she prevailed with her musical legacy and her personal history. For that reason alone she is unforgettable and unrepeatable,” Trevi highlighted during the event.

Born in Long Beach (USA) and died after a plane crash in 2012 in Mexico at the age of 43, Rivera received several awards throughout her career. Among them: nine consecutive Premio Lo Nuestro awards, two Billboard awards, 22 Billboard Latin Music Awards, and four Latin Grammy nominations.

In 2008, the album 'Jenni' became her first debut at the top of the Billboard Top Latin Albums.

Their catalog consists of multi-platinum albums such as 'Parrandera, rebel y atrevida', 'La gran Señora' and 'Joyas borrowed'. In them lie hits like 'Unforgettable' and 'I know'.

In 2013, a year after her death, the Grammy Museum dedicated the first exhibition of a Latin artist to her at that institution. In 2016, the city of Long Beach dedicated Jenni Rivera Memorial Park.

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