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Laura Chimaras: “The negative comments hurt until I broke”

Laura Chimaras admitted in a recent Instagram post that she had a difficult time after her decision to change careers. The Venezuelan, who became known as a soap opera actress, also highlights that the support she received from those around her helped her overcome that stage.

“I'm going to share a story (…) about when I fell into depression,” commented the now writer and motivator in a profile of the aforementioned social network at the beginning of her caption. “I decided to show you part of the comments that are still somewhere on my social networks. “I have changed the names and hidden the photos to avoid conflicts, since that is not relevant,” she noted.

In the clip that accompanies the text, messages like “Get over it. We all have a parent die and we don't cry all the time", or "Now that she has a best seller she thinks she is a writer", in reference to the mourning for the murder of her father, the actor Yanis Chimaras, and the book she wrote about him.

Light in the darkness

“While it is true that the negative comments about this career change hurt me until I broke, it is also true that I had people who, in the midst of the darkness, did not abandon me,” the artist then noted.

“Some call these comments 'the price of fame' Me? The cost of ignorance,” Chimaras also pointed out, that she did not hide that she was still surprised by the lightness of comments like those cited, which seek to directly judge without measuring, and destroy instead of build.

“Did they stop to think, how does the person on the other side of the camera feel? Why did it happen that she decided to leave a career having reached the top? Do they think that because we are artists we don't have insecurities, uncertainties, or problems to deal with and decide to make us the target of their criticism? I don't know,” he expressed in the publication.

And he added: “But that was how depression settled into my life like an unwanted guest, an insecurity fueled by the voices of those who did not understand my search for freedom. But since my weapon is art, through it I transformed pain into strength.

First album out

It should be noted that Laura Chimaras, who promises to share more on the subject in the coming weeks, is finalizing the details of the launch of her first album of poems, which will be available starting August 22.

“I have experienced something so incredible on this album that it has completely transformed my being. “I have discovered that music is essential sustenance for the soul and poetry, on the other hand, is the balm that heals our emotional wounds, a divine whisper that fills us with faith,” she wrote a few days ago on Instagram.

“In the union of these two elements, I have found an infinite source of inspiration and growth. I have great faith that when they hear it it will be oxygen for their lives,” added the interpreter, who prior to this she will release a new poetry at the end of July.

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