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The rain did not prevent Fonseca from leaving his wake

Colombian singer-songwriter Fonseca and his fans challenged not only the remoteness of the site, but also the water and fog that took over the place on Saturday night.

He, however, with his classic songs and the most recent ones from his album 'Tropicalia', knew how to connect with his fans, from when he started with 'Live and Direct' to 'Eres mi Sueño' with which he said goodbye. This made them forget, now without water, the uncomfortable moment they had experienced.

“I want to continue coming to Venezuela as many times as life allows, I love this country, this land, this city too much. I carry her in my heart, that is why every time we are here we give everything on stage,” she said at one point in the show.

And he showed it by singing 'A Good Loser', by Franco De Vita; 'He's going to miss me', by Ricardo Montaner and the famous 'Old Horse', by Simón Díaz.

Fonseca did not need great gadgets or special effects to show his talent. A huge stage, with three screens, plus his musicians, including an accordion player, were enough to achieve his Caracas goal.

a wet night

Although the afternoon foreshadowed that it would be a great day as a radiant blue sky welcomed us at 5 pm when the doors of the place opened. The ending would be different.
Some of the sponsors, among whom was UN24, did activities to encourage those who accessed the site to locate themselves there.

While the attendees waited for Fabián Santamaría to come out on stage to start the night, the sky ordered something else. After 7:30 pm, it began to drizzle as a preamble to what would be a heavy downpour for almost an hour.

The La Lagunita Country Club soccer field, which debuted that night as a location for concerts in Caracas, was cleared while those who already had their location, at the tables and chairs arranged, sought refuge from the rain under one of the concessionaires' awnings. of food and drinks.

The delay caused Santamaría to leave at 8:30 pm, accompanied by his band and a group of dancers, who to the rhythm of cumbia and vallenatos put a Colombian flavor to things. For an hour he was with the vocalist on the stage, handed out hats at random and started singing songs like 'Robarte un kiss' or 'La pollerá colorá'.

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