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Kevin Costner: I had to mortgage four houses to fulfill a dream

American actor Kevin Costner attended the 2024 Cannes Film Festival to present the first part of his project “Horizon”, which will be released in four parts starting in June and marks his return to film direction, reported the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

In his appearance before the media, the performer revealed that he has personally invested in the making of this production. “They have paid me little to make films, they have paid me a lot and now, honestly, I have to put my money into doing it,” he said, after revealing that he invested 50 million of his personal fortune in this project.


The actor of blockbuster hits like "The bodyguard" He said: “I had to mortgage four houses to fulfill the dream of this great odyssey of conquering the American West.” The artist revealed that he is currently trying to make the third film in the saga, of which he is producer, director and protagonist.

Costner also noted that he wanted to be in Cannes because it is a place to watch films with an open mind, but also to seek financing.

“Any billionaires in this room or on the yachts outside who want to finance my films?” I’m alone in this,” she said with a laugh.

And he added: “I have been lucky in my life, I have houses, lands that are important to me, but I don't need four houses and I have decided to risk them to make my film... I want to live there with my children, but they have to live their lives . If I'm not wrong about this, we will continue to have the four houses, if not, they will have to make a living,” she highlighted at the gala.

Despite the difficulties

The actor, 69, is confident that “Horizon” will have an impact after it is released. “I don't know why it's hard for people to believe in this movie. I have made them before, I don't think they are better than another, but not worse either,” he said.

Another thing that motivates Kevin about the production is that it marks the film debut of his son Hayes Costner. “The character of the boy who does not want to leave his father in that terrible moment, that is my son, and he had never acted before. My children are not interested in movies, and I have always preferred to give roles to people who are more excited about them, but deep down I am a father, and I wanted him close to me during filming. I was far from home, I needed my family close and it was a way to have them with me,” he admitted.

Stories from the 19th century

Costner assured that he did everything he set out to do with the film, admitting that the western is a “terribly complicated” genre.

According to the synopsis that appears online, 'Horizon' tells several intertwined stories that take place in the late 19th century in the western United States. The first part of the saga, which was screened out of competition at the French festival, lasts almost three hours and introduces the characters gradually: a woman (Sienna Miller) and her daughter, who lose her husband and son in an Apache attack; another woman (Jenna Malone), who tries to kill the father of her child with the intervention of a cowboy played by Costner; and a soldier (Sam Worthington) who helps the new settlers.

The aforementioned saga comes after the success obtained with one of his latest projects, the western series “Yellowstone”.

This personal work took him back behind the camera, twenty years after “Open Range”, also presented at Cannes in 2003.

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