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Kerly Ruiz lived an exciting moment with her daughter

Kerly Ruiz confessed her excitement at having shared the stage of an important event with her daughter Gail Gómez Ruiz. The little girl, seven years old, always has great prominence on the Venezuelan presenter's social networks.

“Magic mother and daughter moment at Miss Carabobo. First time together on stage,” Kerly Ruiz, who was in charge of hosting the 2024 edition of the Carabobo beauty contest, highlighted in an Instagram post.

“Thank you, Venezuela. I leave recharged with love, with the energy of my country, of my people. Thank you for the love of my daughter. Thank you, Valencia, thank you Carabobo,” she expressed next in the post, where she shared a short video of the show, where mother and daughter can be seen dressed to the nines and in the same color.

daughter of a cat...

“My dad said: the fruit does not fall far from the tree,” commented journalist Endrina Yépez in the comments section of the post, where users did not miss the opportunity to highlight the moment.

“Gail is going to go far”; “She only sees the support of a great mom”; “I really can't handle so much beauty together. God bless you, Gail”; “Worthy daughter of her mother”; “Too beautiful and proud Venezuelan”; “The next Miss Universe”, “Shining since I was little. What a sweet and beautiful girl” and “The best of the night”, some Internet users commented on the girl's presence in the show.

Although it is the first time that Gail accompanies her mother on stage, on social networks she has been seen on several occasions imitating the collaborator of the Univision space 'Siéntese Who Can'.

"Find the difference"

In fact, days ago, Ruiz shared a post in which the girl is seen trying to follow her exercise routine at the gym. “Gail, welcome to my 21 day challenge. Find the difference in this video,” the entrepreneur also expressed about the clip, in which the girl is seen imitating her work with weights and dressed in red, just like her.

Ruiz, who also has a podcast on YouTube titled 'Without drama there is no show', has always commented on how much she enjoys spending time with her son, from whom she was separated for several months when she decided to reside in the United States with the intention of developing a race there.

“The space that I can share with her, I am always there. I try to take the moments that I don't have, even if I'm tired, to share with my daughter and listen to her,” she commented in 2023 on the YouTube program 'PsychoCoachKids'.

And who won the contest?

In relation to Miss Carabobo, it should be noted that this is the second time that Kerly Ruiz leads the election of the representative of this state to Miss Venezuela, which took place on July 4 at the Hesperia WYC Valencia hotel.

The businesswoman and graduate in Administration María José Goncalves, who represented the Bejuma municipality, was the one who won the Miss Carabobo 2024 band.

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