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Kerly Ruiz remembered how she came to TV at the age of six

Kerly Ruiz admitted that her arrival on television, when she was a child, was somewhat bumpy. The Venezuelan presenter, who is currently part of the Univision program 'Siéntese Who Can', recalled that she was even scammed at that time.

“I started on TV when I was 6 years old and many ask me, but how did you get there when you were so little? At that age I dreamed of signing autographs, being famous and I was dramatic already at that age,” said the internationalist and businesswoman on her Instagram profile.

Next, Ruiz said that due to her interest, her mother ended up trusting a woman who offered that the girl participate in the program 'You have to listen to the children', hosted by Nelson Bustamante. With that excuse they took money from her for her daughter's clothes and her advice.

Deception and tantrum

"They deceived us like this for months, until one day my mother said: 'Kerly, we're going to find out from the RCTV channel why they haven't called us.' When we arrived at the reception they gave us the news: 'you have been scammed,'” she said. “The drama that was already in my DNA immediately took hold of me, I fell to the floor to cry, it was the first tragedy of my life. My dreams of being a diva passed through that little mind and were destroyed,” she expressed.

However, unexpectedly, the then little Kerly Ruiz found her best ally in an important actor from the aforementioned channel.

"Immediately, a very first actor from my country, the great Franklin Virgüez, passed by and was (surprised emojis) and said: 'Give that girl some candy, do something, cast her.' They immediately cast me, and what do you think? They gave me a job and that's how my career began at age 6,” he explained.

all very clear

The anecdote, in the words of Kerly Ruiz, is a demonstration that she has always been very clear about her life goals. “I confess it has not been easy, I have cried, I have fallen, I have gotten up, they have closed doors on me, they have made up so many stories for me…. But if I haven't lost something, it's my confidence. And here I continue searching for my dreams betting on me,” she noted.

“That is believing in yourself and the power of the mind”; “What a beautiful story to tell. And what a woman you have as a mother, you are the greatest result of her, the same as you do with Gail today. Admiration always, my Kerly”; “We already know who Gail dated”; “You are an example of the Venezuelan woman and fighter of her dreams. You are doing the same as your mom did with you, being the best mom to Gail”; “That's why the saying goes, he who doesn't cry doesn't suck”; and “What a beautiful story Kerly, this is what it means to fight for your dreams, pursue them and never resist,” were some of the reactions that were shared on the same social network.

It should be noted that after her time in 'You have to listen to the children', Kerly Ruiz (Caracas, October 6, 1985), represented Venezuela in the beauty pageants Mis Maja Internacional and Miss Hawaiian Tropic. She also had participations in soap operas such as 'Negra consentida', 'Juana la Virgen' and 'Mi gorda bella'. As an entertainer she stood out in spaces such as 'Rompe coco', 'Ajípica' and 'Labomba'.

After residing in Miami in 2018, he has worked with El Venezolano TV, Telemundo and Univision.

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