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Katherine Coll will show her 'Vaivén' at the Mister Venezuela gala

The Venezuelan singer performs this Saturday the 13th in the final of the contest

Katherine Coll reflects on happiness in her new single 'Vaivén'. The Venezuelan singer continues her successful trilogy with the song: 'It doesn't make sense', 'Until the end' and you are'.

In this sense, Coll considers it a song of strength, punctuated by sensuality and empowerment. “It arises when couple relationships end in which we are not valued as we deserve,” he says.

According to the young singer, songwriter and dancer 'Vaivén' also has a catchy, fresh and danceable rhythm that moves under the genre of Afro beat and pop. “Many will identify with her lyrics.” 

With a career that is built on dedication and dedication, Katherine Coll's role was conceived two years ago. “It all started on a trip to Miami when I met several singers and producers at the Rebeleleven studio,” recalls Coll, who conceived it as a fusion of hip hop with urban.

“It wasn't until 5:00 am that we finished the pattern with a song that we loved and felt had something special. As soon as I returned to Venezuela, I showed it to my team and they loved it, but it was definitely not the time to take it out,” she confesses.

It was together with its producers Alfredo López Strauss and Willian Velásquez that, after arranging its harmony, changing the rhythm and nourishing the chorus, the song found its way. But it will not be until this Thursday, July 11, that it will see the light as Katherine assured. 

To promote it, the single will release a video clip, only it will take a few days to reach its YouTube channel. “It has a lot of choreography, we recorded it in Caracas in the Los Angeles mechanical workshop,” the young woman said without revealing too many things. The direction was by Miguel Mardeni and the costumes were created by Katherine Coll herself. 

Live, 'Vaivén' can be heard for the first time during the final gala of Mister Venezuela 2024, this Saturday, July 13 on Venevisión. 

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