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Karlis Romero: I am not suffering from depression

Karlis Romero made it clear that he is not suffering from depression. The Venezuelan actress, who usually interacts with her followers on her Instagram, said in her stories that like everyone else, sometimes her mood drops.

“There are moments when I have lows, like today, for example, when I posted that message because I know that happens to many mothers. Today I wasn't even hungry to get up to eat. I wanted to stay in bed all day, looking at the ceiling, without children, without listening to anything and stay like that for hours,” she responded in a question and answer session held on Wednesday, May 29.

The partner of the singer Gustavo Elis added that he did not know how to explain the feeling. “I don't know if I can explain myself, but sometimes I want to go train to get more body because I feel like I'm skinny, but I don't have the energy or the spirit. Sometimes it happened to me that I was going to train and the issue of weight made me very tired and it made me anxious not to be able to gain weight,” she recalled.

Romero, who continues to adapt to her role as a mother, stressed that everything is fine. "Be careful, I'm not suffering from depression or anything like that," she emphasized.

“I feel like it's a normal day-to-day fatigue. What the motherhood process takes, but that's it, I think I need a week of rest,” she noted.


During the interaction, Romero also highlighted his upcoming family trip. “My trip is to go to Disney. I'm going to Miami. I'm going to be there for two days. The next day I'm leaving for Orlando for five days. “I'm coming back again to be in Miami and then Venezuela,” he said happily without giving details about the date of his departure.

Likewise, Karlis Romero pointed out that he will also take advantage of these days of relaxation to visit his friends.

“I'm going to take advantage of those days to see my friends from there. I haven't been going to Miami since 2021, when I had my baby shower (…) I will be there for approximately 10-11 days,” she added.

Bella and Ciela

Don't you think that girls are too young to go to Disney or even remember? was another question that the model also took the opportunity to answer. Karlis assured that even though Bella and Ciela are little, they do enjoy traveling.

“I feel that it is a mistake to wait for children to grow up to start enjoying themselves. If they don't remember, then we will show them photos and videos, but as I read in an account that thinks the same as me, it is not just their childhood, it is also our motherhood and our memories also matter," she said.

Likewise, he added that a cousin left for the United States in 2022 and he has not seen her since 2021. “She has waited all these years to go to Disney with me because I wanted her to go with me the first time,” he said.

“If we already have two visas, why wait? That's what they told me the same way when I took Bella to Disney Paris. Bella enjoyed the trip so much. “She's fine, she's not going to remember, but she enjoyed it, I enjoyed it and there are many memories,” she added.

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