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Karliam shakes off “La Culpa” in his new song

The single fuses cumbia and pop without losing the essence of the Venezuelan singer

Karliam flirts with cumbia and pop in “La Culpa”, a single that brings her back to the scene. “Did you miss my music? Well now the good thing begins,” the Venezuelan singer warned in a post posted on her Instagram account following the launch.

"The blame” is dedicated to those people who let themselves be drowned by the burdens of conscience after an intense adventure. The single, which debuted recently, talks about the need to live without worries or fear in the face of an action that others could describe as unwanted.

“Fire gladly does not burn,” says Karliam in part of the lyrics of the romantic song. “It is an invitation to live with intensity, to not regret what you have done and to always be ready for a new prank, because that is also the essence of life,” states the official newsletter.

Mischievous and fresh, the young woman hopes that this fusion rhythm invites her fans to dance and sing while having fun.

More details

“La Culpa” was composed by José L. González G. (OKAA) and produced by Carlos Andrés López Carrasca (Andrés Beat). The single is accompanied by a lyric video now available on their YouTube channel.

“After so many months I can finally show you one of the songs we have been working on 'La Culpa'. It is made with a lot of love for you so I hope you enjoy it and enjoy it as much as I do,” Karliam said in another post posted on the aforementioned social network.

According to the artist, the song was composed twice. Anecdotally, the young woman explained that although the original version had the correct elements and was good, “I felt that it needed something more. Then Okaa took it back, shook it up and managed to give it that extra bit that she really needed to transform it into a very catchy and danceable song.”

Karliam's fans will find a connection between this single and those he has previously released since pop remains the basis. Of course, now, more flexible, it experiments with fusion with other genres. Reggaeton, ballads, merengue and now cumbia, show the versatility and vocal range of the Venezuelan.

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