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Karina about her son Xander: “This prince continues to conquer souls”

Karina dedicated an emotional message to her son Xander, who completed a new trip around the sun on Tuesday, July 9. The Venezuelan singer has always highlighted the connection that she has with the young man, now 19 years old.

“I am grateful to the universe and to himself for having chosen me to bring him to this crazy and unbridled planet. “My prince is carving out a unique path that only a brave man could dare,” the vocalist wrote on her Instagram profile, where she highlighted a photo of her youngest.

“Talented and noble, this prince continues to conquer souls, while with delicacy and intelligence he dances among us. His certainty illuminates us, his smile moves the deepest fibers, his presence in our lives makes us better,” said the interpreter, who also has a daughter, Yasha Marcela, 25 years old.

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And he added: “Happy birthday, master of 'my life', I wish you as much success as you have sometimes made us laugh.”


The vocalist of hits like 'To Whom', 'I Know How It Hurts', 'Cuarenta' or 'Still' also took advantage of her stories on the Meta Platforms social network to share some moments of the family celebration of the date.

“He hates that I do this; I already did it,” says Karina in one of the shared videos, where she interacts with Xander, who, like her daughter, is the product of her marriage to Brazilian businessman Marcello Azevedo. “Nothing will stop you, my love,” the artist points out in another clip, who can be seen dancing and celebrating with her youngest son.

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“Well advanced”

The actress' message for her son, as expected, also moved the emotional fibers of many of her followers on social networks.

“I, who am part of the LGBTIQ collective and Venezuelan, want to tell you, from the depths, that you are the mother that every diverse person would like to have, and look, I have shouted your songs, my life is documented with the play list of your concerts and your empathetic motherhood moves me. I wish all mothers would follow you Karina, I wish they would all go through the process of understanding with your sensitivity,” said the user named Karliakte in the comments section of the post.

“Congratulations to him, and congratulations to you, well ahead of this crazy time of trials and more trials, you put your chest, well positioned to protect. In an unthinkable moment, long before these shows, you gave him lead. And that shell of a good mother, very horny, protective, supported your child a lot. I, definitely, am very proud of your family, of your temple, they taught the world something important: love, respect, understanding, understanding. In a time where knives were very sharp. I'm not writing to give you a reward for your ego, it's to tell you that it's very nice to see that, in a brave way, you protected your family," also highlighted the Venezuelan actor Luis Alberto, from the Miami radio program 'El show del Luis Alberto'. .

Some more data

It should be remembered that Xander was born as a girl whom her parents named Hannah. In 2016 he confessed to his parents that he identified as a boy and since then he began a long journey toward his sex change or gender transition.

Already in 2022, Karina announced that the change process had already been successfully completed. “My son is beautiful, big, muscular. Finally, he looks like he has looked all his life, his documentation is already changed] all. “Xander is a male.”

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