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Karina will sing before 40 thousand people

Forty thousand people are expected this May 25 at the free concert offered by the Venezuelan singer Karina, in Plaza Francia, in Altamira.

For this presentation, the vocalist will be on stage accompanied by her band and will have Kiara as a special guest. “I convinced her to come with me. “She was a little skeptical, because she told me that people want to see my concert, but I'm sure we're going to put on a spectacular show,” she said.

Both, who became known in the 80s, have walked together, professionally speaking, since then. They are even in the show 'Venezuela es mujer', along with Diveana and Elisa Rego, which Karina plans to bring to the country at the end of this year. “I am making all the arrangements for this idea to happen.”

Regarding her repertoire, Karina said that she will leave that day's performance of the play 'Almost Normal' to the venue. “People don't have to worry, because the more I sing, the better I am. Of course there will be my classics, which are the ones that people expect the most, and some new songs,” she noted.

Karina also commented that, for her, this opportunity to sing for people in a mass where they can see her without paying “is a way to show that we are all together. I represent the musical history of a beautiful era in the country. And, although the idea is not to have that again, it is to move forward and do it together. That is why I did not hesitate to accept this proposal,” she stated.

Thalía Samarjian and Zarik Medina will be in charge of opening the function, which is scheduled to start at 8 pm. “We are going to do some powerful covers on this occasion that we did not expect, but that allows us to alternate with one of our main singers,” said Thalía.

Details to take into account. Tomorrow, Friday, starting at 7 pm, traffic will be restricted on the street adjacent to the square, for the installation of the platform. Those in charge assured that it will be “the largest stage we have put in the place.”

Likewise, on Saturday, starting at 4 pm, passage along Francisco de Miranda Avenue, a few blocks before the venue, will be restricted until the end of the concert.

The show is scheduled to start at 8:00 pm with Smarjian and Medina. Likewise, there will be entertainment from several DJs starting in the afternoon.

Regarding security, the municipal authorities guaranteed that this is covered, based not only on the experience of the Yordano concert, held in February, but on all the events and end-of-year concerts that have been held in the area. place.

The parking lot in the plaza will be in operation until it reaches capacity and they are in talks with the Metro to extend its operating hours that day. 

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