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José Ramón Barreto enjoys Canaima while filming a new film

Venezuelan actor José Ramón Barreto boasts about his time in Canaima as part of the filming of the second film by his compatriot Carlos Daniel Alvarado. According to the latter, the feature film is “a tribute story to friendship, cinema and Venezuela.”

“Making a movie in Canaima (…). Making films in Venezuela. The dream continues,” Barreto commented in a post on Instagram about the most recent location of the film, whose filming has already taken them through Caracas, La Guaira, Los Roques and Maracaibo.

“There are few words I can say at this moment. Simply, thank you”, the protagonist of series such as 'Ventino: The Price of Glory' (2023) or 'Arelys Henao, I sing to not cry' (2022) highlighted the place in a previous post to highlight an impressive photo from the Salto Toad.

Something I longed for

The 32-year-old interpreter from Caracas has highlighted that with this project he has managed to fulfill an old desire. “I had dreamed of making a Venezuelan film that would tour the entire country. That was an important and special desire for me, and this year it was finally fulfilled,” he said in a recent interview with the digital magazine Clx Icons.

According to what the artist commented to the aforementioned medium, the filming of the film will take a total of six weeks. Likewise, he highlighted that it is expected to premiere in December 2024.

In addition to José Ramón Barreto, the production will also feature performances by Jhon Guitian, Karla Vieira, Mario Becerra Di Gregorio, Pedro Durán, Adriana Marval and Vicente Peña Cavet.

“In this new film, without wanting to, without looking for it, we had to look inside, into our hearts, into our talents… into our Venezuela. To reunite with ourselves, with great friends, to realize how wonderful we are and to affirm without a doubt... that we are the best country in the world. Anyway… realizing that we deserve to love each other more,” Alvarado commented about the film, a few days ago, on the social network with the pink logo.

Friendship, admiration and respect

For that same by , the actor also revealed the reason for choosing Barreto as protagonist of this story. «I am united to him by a deep friendship, admiration and respect. He is an old-fashioned chapao, a professional, a guy who arrives early, a good companion and above all an excellent actor. We have done television and theater together and now we are going to the big screen. In the beginning he shared the scene with my father, who trained him and embraced him like a son," he said.

“And here we are, brother. Sharing your father with me for so many years and now being able to make films are two gifts that I cherish with deep affection and gratitude. What else is out there? “We continue!” was the response of the “Young Bolivar” from the Colombian Netflix series “Bolívar: an admirable struggle” (2019).

From 'Túkiti' to now

It is worth remembering that José Ramón Barreto began his acting career at the age of 13 in the RCTV series 'Tukiti, crecí de una', where he shared the screen with María Gabriela de Faría and Laura Chimaras.

'La trepadora', 'Calle luna, calle sol', 'La banda', 'El arbol de Gabriel', 'A pure heart' and 'Para verte mejor', are some of his most notable projects in the country. He has also worked in Ecuador ('Sharon 2: the denouement') and Colombia ('Bolívar', 'Ventino', 'Arelys Henao, 'Los medallistas').

On the big screen, after the successful run of his film 'Come back to life' (2023), the premiere of ' is pendingVisceral“, a film that he co-produced and co-stars with Irene Esser, Miss Venezuela 2011, and which was directed by César Manzano ('Espejos', 2015).

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