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José Luis Rodríguez, El Puma, said goodbye to 'Top Chef VIP 3'

José Luis Rodríguez, El Puma, became this Thursday (June 20) the eighth eliminated from the third edition of 'Top Chef VIP'. The culinary reality show is currently in development, on Telemundo Internacional, for its third season.

The Venezuelan singer was chosen to leave the competition after finishing in the dreaded top 2 of the worst dishes with Machado. The latter, upon seeing herself saved, left the kitchen without saying goodbye to her compatriot, which was frowned upon by spectators and participants.

It is worth remembering that last Tuesday (June 18), Rodríguez and Machado participated in a tense collision which, for the most part, won sympathy for the 'Dueño de Nada' interpreter and strong criticism of the former Miss Universe.

"Follow your life"

Prior to the announcement of the elimination, Machado approached Rodríguez to say: “Pumita, I love you very much,” to which the father of three responded: “No, no, calm down, love. Go on with your life and may God bless you.”

“I thanked God that they eliminated me, because I can't imagine Alicia's situation if she had lost,” commented the artist after finally handing over his knives in the space, from which he was fired with great emotion by Carmen Villalobos. the presenter of the program, the three chefs of the jury and the rest of the participants of the edition.

“Mr. Puma, what I am going to miss most is that serenity that you possess, enviable wisdom. Every time I hug him, I feel like I'm hugging my father, and I'm going to miss him a lot,” chef Antonio de Livier told the Caracas vocalist, unable to hold back his tears.

“Thank you, not just for being part of our adolescence, of our romances, for using your words to say what we cannot say through your songs and your work, Maestro, I am going to miss you a lot,” a man stressed again. excited De Livier.

No humility

The participants still in competition also regretted the elimination of the Venezuelan, as well as the attitude exhibited by Alicia Machado.

“No one wanted El Puma to leave… And on top of that he leaves with the snub of this woman, who is not humble, nor loving, nor empathetic, nor human, nor anything,” commented the Spanish actor José María Galeano. The interpreter, who resides in Mexico, also left a message for the singer on Instagram. “I love you, José Luis. #forever,” he expressed.

A worthy farewell

It should be noted that Puma's departure from the program's kitchens occurred with the support of all his colleagues, except Machado, who accompanied him to pick up his knives and said goodbye singing his iconic song 'Hold on to your hands'.

“Within all this sadness, the truth is, I made a beautiful exit, worthy of El Puma,” commented Venezuelan actor Gabriel Coronel.

Carmen Villalobos, likewise, later expressed in her Instagram stories: “Dear Puma, you are one of the noblest human beings I have ever met. For me it was a great learning experience to have you on 'Top Chef VIP'. I remain with your education, decency and wisdom. You taught respect and for me that is the most important thing in a person. You leave a big void in us,” was part of the message left by the Colombian actress, who also shared a video of the artist's farewell.

Instagram @cvillaloboss

Does not represent Venezuelans

“The saddest farewell I have ever seen and I have even cried along with the participants, I will miss you Puma”; “Thank you for showing us the human being that you are, Puma, we will miss you”; “Puma you are the best”; "And the one who should have more humility is you Alicia"; “They should have eliminated Alicia Machado, due to lack of respect”; “Everyone there dislikes that girl”; “#FueraAlicia, does not represent Venezuelans at all”; and “I am Venezuelan and El Puma is a great icon in my country and Alicia knows it. Beyond this competition, a man with that career deserves respect and he came to learn at 81 years old. Great teacher, a beautiful moment, and Alicia you have a lot to learn,” were some of the comments left on Telemundo's social networks.

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