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José Luis Rodríguez 'El Puma' celebrates his daughter Génesis' achievement

José Luis Rodríguez, El Puma, does not hide the pride he feels for each professional achievement of his youngest daughter, actress Génesis Rodríguez. For this reason, the Venezuelan singer and actor went to his social networks to congratulate his youngest on his new series.

“Proud, my girl” was the short, but emotional message that the 81-year-old artist shared on his Instagram stories. The comment was accompanied by a screenshot of a Genesis post with the Deadline portal's announcement about his incorporation into the second season of the spy series.Lioness', from the Paramount + platform.

The interpreter was the first to celebrate the new professional challenge she faces. “Opportunities like this rarely come. Taylor Sheridan, thank you for watching and trusting me. “I can’t wait for you guys to meet Josie,” she commented on Instagram Genesis Rodríguez. The native of Miami, Florida, added the letters “LFG” to the end of her comment, an acronym that summarizes the English phrase “let's freaking go,” which can be translated into Spanish as “let's go” or “let's attack.”

Screenshot: Instagram @elpumaoficial

Gun pilot take

In relation to the fiction 'Lioness', also known as 'Special Ops: Lioness', it should be noted that it is an American production created by Taylor Sheridan. It premiered on July 23, 2023 and has a cast that combines stars with less high-profile, but equally well-known actors. Zoe Saldaña, Nicole Kidman, Morgan Freeman, Jill Wagner, Laysla De Oliveira, Dave Annable and LaMonica Garrett, among others, make up its main cast.

In this context, the youngest of the Puma will go into action to give life, according to Deadline, to Captain Josephina “Josie” Carrillo, described as “a dedicated soldier with a fierce personality” and “an expert helicopter pilot.”

Génesis, 36 years old, it should be noted, recently finished filming a film with Kevin Smith titled 'The 4:30 Movie'. His recent credits also include television projects such as 'Neon', 'The Umbrella Academy' and 'Big Hero 6: The Series'.

Your own challenge

El Puma, as is known, has two other daughters, the Venezuelan singers and actresses Liliana and Lilibeth Rodríguez Morillo, with whom he is currently not in a relationship and who are the result of his marriage to the singer Lila Morillo. Génesis was born from his marriage to former Cuban model Carolina Pérez.

It should be noted that the vocalist of musical hits such as 'Pavo Real', 'Agárrense de las Manos' or 'Dueño de Nada' is also preparing to face an unusual challenge in his career. And since May 21, he competes with other celebrities in the culinary talent show 'Top Chef VIP 3'.

Team Puma

Her compatriots Alicia Machado and Carolina Tejera are part of that adventure, which also includes figures such as Mark Tacher, Paty Navidad, Daniela Castro, Diana Reyes and José María Galeano, among others.

“Let's go, dear Puma, to triumph as always. Your pumitas in Venezuela, we support you and we are eager to see you in this new role as a chef, which you will surely do very well”; “We are #TeamPuma. You can, Pumita, with patience and perseverance. You are a winner. We love you"; “Let's go with everything, Puma”; “My beloved Puma. He cooks, sings and I love it”; and “I'm going to the puma's food #TeamPuma”, are some of the messages of encouragement that his fans left him in one of their posts about the reality show.

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