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Joaquina shared a preview of a new song

Joaquina shared a preview of one of her new songs. The 19-year-old Venezuelan singer-songwriter presented her song in a new virtual space that she created, “Joaqui's Room,” where she will talk about her thoughts, her songs, among other things.

“I feel like sometimes the most beautiful things are the ones you're afraid of losing. Welcome to 'Joaqui's Room,' day 1. I wanted to create this segment for us from my room, from my sanctuary, because my room my whole life has been like my safe place,” Joaquina said in a video she posted on Instagram.

“The place where I write most of my songs to share things I've been learning, new songs, things I've been reading, things I've been thinking about talking to you about,” he added.

Weeks ago, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter was in Spain. Joaquina sang in a collective concert at the famous Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid.

Hotel in Madrid

In the shared post, the interpreter of “Escape from me”, announced that he will soon release a new song. “I started writing this song in a hotel room in Madrid in the spring of last year. “It was the first time in my life that I went so far from home to participate in something that had to do with music,” she recalled.

He added: “It was like the first time I said 'oh, wow, my life can look like this in the future.' “This song is about being away from home and experiencing all these new things for the first time and thinking only about that person you miss so much.”

For the artist, the single represents the dream that you can be living everything with that person you need.

“I sat on the corner of the bed with the guitar and started playing facing the street. Listening to the noise of people talking. Little by little this verse began to come out,” she noted.

Finally, Joaquina revealed that the title of the song is “Pessimista.” “I'm not used to being in a new city alone for so long. Madrid is so beautiful in spring. The weather is perfect. “I am fulfilling dreams that I always had,” she can be heard singing.


Recently, the singer from Caracas delighted her followers in Mexico with her first concert. To everyone's surprise, Joaquina had the support of also Venezuelan Lasso.

The singers came together to perform “Brown Eyes,” an unexpected moment for everyone present.

“Infinite thanks to all of you who came to share, sing and shout with me. I can't believe you guys made my first show here so special. Really, thank you very much for joining me. I always dreamed of singing my songs far from my house and being welcomed like this for the first time in Mexico means the whole world to me,” she wrote in another publication on the camera's social network.

For the singer-songwriter, the experience was more than special for several reasons. “We set up a station so they could make her blue and red eyeliner and her little braids; another so they could hear 'pessimista' for the first time (and it made me so happy to sing it live), and another so they could write little messages on the walls that I am so enjoying reading,” she said.

Joaquina did not miss the opportunity to thank Lasso for accepting and accompanying her on stage. “Thank you friend @lassomusica for accepting my invitation to come up and sing with me, I admire you deeply and I had a lot of fun.”

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