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Joaquina shares live version of “Escaping from me”

Joaquina confessed to having been so surprised by the dedication of her fans when singing her most recent single during a concert in Spain, that she decided to share the moment on her social networks.

“It's hard for me to explain everything I felt,” the 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Caracas, who was awarded the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist of 2023 for her EP 'The Best Years', highlighted on YouTube about the experience.

“In one of the shows in Madrid that we had three weeks ago, we recorded the entire performance of 'Escaping from Me' live,” the daughter of the Venezuelan presenter and businesswoman Camila Canabal said on her Instagram profile.

Capture the moment

“It was one of the first times that I was playing it live and after seeing how hard they sang it with me and how much we enjoyed it, I wanted to make this video for you and to have this moment captured forever,” she also noted. interpreter of songs like 'Rabia', 'The best years' or 'I wanted to love you'.

“I couldn't believe that they were singing this song so loudly that it had only come out a couple of days before… I love them and thank you to everyone who was there shouting with me,” said Joaquina, who shared the complete clip of the moment on her official channel. from YouTube.

The artist's gesture did not go unnoticed among her fans, who highlighted Joaquina's stage and vocal dominance in her live shows.

“It stays on repeat”

“Your live ones are so great. Singing like this is the best”; “When a lyric and the artist completely connect with their audience. This presentation stays on repeat in my mind”; “I need a tour in Venezuela”; “I'm 52 years old and it seems crazy, but I identify with your lyrics so much. I feel like a daughter, I share with you, I am happy for your successes, I love you very much. God bless you, princess"; “Thank you mommy! I am very attached to your lyrics. They are how I sometimes feel. God bless you. And thank you for sharing your talents and your spirit,” were some of the comments left on Instagram and YouTube.

In relation to 'Escaping from me', it should be noted that the song was released on March 14. The accompanying video clip was directed by Zárate and already has more than a million views on YouTube.

“This song is too personal for me; Thank you for all the love and emotion with which you have received. They have made my week, the day, the month. “It is no longer mine to be yours,” Joaquina said on Instagram after the debut of the song.

Assembling what is to come

The production is part of Joaquina's next musical work, which is already in progress. “'I'm right now putting together what would be my first album. So I am in the middle of the process of that and it has been very nice to be able to write all these songs,” she told El Tiempo Latino, a Spanish-language newspaper based in Washington, DC.

“I think almost all the songs on this next project that I'm putting together are songs that I wrote about a year or two years ago and I'm starting to review them, go back to them and make changes to them,” he also noted.

Joaquina, who comes from singing in a collective concert in the famous stadium Santiago Bernabeu, in Madrid, highlighted in the aforementioned interview the support he has felt from the Venezuelan public.

The warmth of its people

“Thank God I have had the honor of having a lot of support from Venezuela, even though I grew up outside the country, in the United States. But, every time I can I return there because my whole family is there,” he said.

And he added: “Last year, being able to go for the first time with my music and I felt the warmth of the people and the reception, has been something that I did not expect in that way. “It has been very nice to be able to somehow represent Venezuela outside the country.”

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