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Joaquina sings from a balcony in new video for “Pesimista”

Joaquina celebrated her 20th birthday with the premiere of a live version of her most recent song, 'Pesimista'. The Venezuelan singer, winner of the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist in 2023, highlighted that the clip is a gift for her followers.

“We recently had our first shows in Spain so we took the opportunity to record this live version of 'Pesimista desde Madrid para todos'. They don't know how much fun we have,” the Caracas singer-songwriter wrote on her Instagram profile.

“You are my greatest gift, so I also want to give you a little gift from me,” said the artist, who has managed to stand out with songs such as 'The Best Years', 'Rage' or 'Escaping from Me'.

Instagram @joaquina

'Pesimista (live from the balcony)', which in 16 hours has already accumulated almost 3 thousand views, presents the vocalist from the small balcony of a Madrid building, while she performs the song, accompanied musically only by two guitars.

The clip is supported by a photograph of warm colors that reflects the sunset in which it takes place, and that highlights the lyrics of the ballad, which speaks of being very far from home and of a love so special that it generates fear of losing it.

“Your lives from anywhere will always be my favorite part, it's something magical. What a pleasure it is to continue listening to you through your music”; “I love that you always do a live version”; “When will you release live versions of 'I wanted to love you' and 'Escaping from me'? I'm waiting excited#; “Améeee”; “That sunset was magical”; and “How nice,” were some of the comments left on YouTube and Instagram after the debut of the audiovisual.

Instagram @joaquina

Born in Caracas, on June 2, 2004, Joaquina also took advantage of her social networks to celebrate the beginning of a new stage in her life, after leaving adolescence behind.

“It turns out that today my twenties officially begin (so I'm not a teenager anymore or what, I don't understand 😭?). Hahahaha, no lie,” wrote the first-born daughter of the presenter and businesswoman Camila Canabal and the sports journalist Francisco Blavia.

“Infinite thanks to all of you for all the messages of love you have sent me… Together with my family and my friends, you are my greatest gift. They are everything I ever dreamed of. Really. Thank you for supporting me and accompanying me from the beginning. Thank you for being here,” she expressed in the publication, which was accompanied by several photos and videos related to her celebration.

Also grateful to God, as she mentions, the artist appears more than prepared to navigate the waters that come her way from now on.

“I will receive all the good, the not so good, the learning, the dreams, the falls, the new, the old… Whatever makes me grow, whatever makes me think, whatever makes me doubt, whatever perhaps weakens me.” and what strengthens me. I have love and I have health, I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you,” she expressed.

It should be noted that Joaquina will add another achievement in a few days. And the young performer will be part of the concert for the 30-year career of the famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, with whom she will share the stage on July 5.

“How crazy! This doesn't fit in my head! I feel deeply, deeply, honored to be a part of something like this and to simply share the stage with him. That honor. “I am going to make you all very proud, I promise you,” the woman from Caracas wrote a few weeks ago.

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