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Joaquín Sabina confirms farewell stage tour

The Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina announced this July 4th the 'Hello and goodbye' tour, with which he will say goodbye to crowded venues. The artist, however, does not rule out returning to small stages, reports EFE.

The tour will begin in February 2025 in America and then head to Spain and Europe, ending in November. For 11 weeks, Sabina will tour Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina, according to a statement from her concert promoter.

“Sabina gives us the opportunity to say goodbye to songs that will never again be sung before thousands of people by their own author, who retires his role as a globetrotter with a guitar at the ready, celebrating his own survival with this farewell treat,” says a statement about the tour. musical.

'Hello and goodbye' is the chronicle of a farewell announced in recent years, strewn with signs that anticipated this point in his career.

Ischemic strokes

The artist's poor health has always been considered a burden that greatly affected his performances. This was especially the case since 2001, when he suffered a mild cerebral ischemic accident for which he was hospitalized.

That scare forced Sabina (1949) to reformulate her habits after a life of excesses to, in general, “abuse herself much less,” as she told EFE after the publication of her album 'Dímelo en la calle' (2002). There she confessed her concern for “aging, for health” and because “women” do not love her.

For a time he stayed further away from public life and his health recovered, but in September 2010 the problems returned and he had to cancel his appointment in Barcelona due to a domestic fall, and in May 2011 he canceled his first three concerts in the United States. United by intestinal problems.

A minor, but highly publicized episode took place in 2014 at the Wizink Center in Madrid, a setting that has become one of his nightmares. A few minutes from the end, he interrupted the concert for what he attributed to a stage fright attack. Her representative later revealed that this was not the first time that Sabina was afraid of fainting in front of the public, since about three years earlier in Tijuana (Mexico) she had had a similar condition.

More setbacks

During the presentations of his album 'Lo niego todo', the second best-selling album in Spain in 2017 and the first in his solo discography since 'Vinagre y rosas' (2009), he had to reschedule the dates of his concerts in Latin America due to to an operation for a ventral hernia.

In February 2018, he suspended two more concerts in Mexico "due to a blow to the eye, with severe bruising and swelling", which was in turn caused by a "small dizziness", and in April of that year, thrombophlebitis in his leg left forced him to postpone several concerts that ultimately did not take place.

And in June, again at the Wizink Center, he interrupted the concert after an hour and a half into the performance; According to the medical report, it was due to “acute dysphonia resulting from a viral process.”

“You are not seeing a good concert from me today,” he acknowledged halfway through the show, in the middle of what he described as an “endless tour” that had him “walking through the hallways of sordid hospitals.”

Fall in 2020

Again on the same stage in 2020, during the tour with his friend Joan Manuel Serrat, the most serious mishap of his recent career took place, when he was unbalanced on stage by a cable and the light of a spotlight and fell into the pit from a height of about two meters.

“When they tell you that growing old is a fantastic thing, because experience and wisdom… They lie like scoundrels. Getting older is fucking shit,” Sabina said some time later, after undergoing surgery for the injuries caused by that fall.

“Survivor, yes, damn it!”, he sang in his song 'Marble Tears', words that especially resonated on his tour in 2023, which returned him to the stage with a title as timely as 'Against All Odds' , with great success.

But at the same time it made clear the increasing uncertainty about his return later, in a format that was becoming more and more difficult for the artist.

In parallel, he had the example of one of his greatest friends, the aforementioned Joan Manuel Serrat, who in 2022 decided to also celebrate his great farewell tour at a still optimal time.

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