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Jerry Rivera is committed to maintaining “the dating game”

Jerry Rivera thanked his wife, Seyla, for the support during his career. The eternal "Child face" He met his partner in Puerto Rico before turning 16, highlighted People en Español.

“She is a very patient woman, she has a lot of tolerance. This is a very difficult job that comes with many challenges. If the roles were reversed, I don't know if I would have had the patience, I don't know if I would have lasted as long, but love can do anything," Rivera acknowledged in an interview with the aforementioned portal.

The 50-year-old singer, who has dedicated more than half of his life to salsa, assured that “God tells us in his word that faith and hope can die, but love never dies, love everything you can".

“He is always pushing me”

The artist stressed that the mother of his children prefers to remain anonymous. “She doesn't like being a public figure, she likes to live a more normal life, in anonymity, but she is always pushing me,” she said.

Likewise, Jerry Rivera also added that Seyla has encouraged him to improve because he has always believed in his talent. “Exercise, stay pretty, keep recording, don't quit. Thank God I have people who love my career as much as I do,” he commented that he always advises him.

The artist commented that he takes care of the details in his marriage. “Always, as Oscar D'León says in the song that talks about 'take her to the movies, buy her a bouquet of flowers, bathe with her, bring her food to bed', keep up the courtship game. Remember that she is your girlfriend. They must always be the same couple. Playfulness cannot be lost, both in everyday life and in intimate life, the spark, the joke, must be maintained,” he said.

Father and grandfather

For those who don't know, the Puerto Rican singer has 3 children, although only two of them followed in their father's footsteps. Zeila Liz, 32, Moa, 31, and Zelina, 24. The family also includes his grandchildren Gerardo, 13; Elina Zelestia, 7; Christopher, 2; and Zaymarie, 1 year old. 

“They say I'm a pamperer, that I spoil them. I think grandpa is there to advise, not scold. "They are cute, good children, they are not as naughty as I was," said the interpreter of "What's wrong".

Zeila Liz and Gerardo, heirs of the Puerto Rican salsa singer, chose to get together in partnership and form the duo Aliez & Moa.

 “I feel very happy and proud that my son Moa has continued the legacy of salsa. I have congratulated him on multiple occasions,” Rivera highlighted on one occasion.

 Disc on doors

During the interview, Jerry Rivera also made reference to his new album, 'Llegué yo', on which he worked with the Venezuelan Juan Miguel.

“2024 is the year of Jerry Rivera's recording comeback. I have spent previous years enjoying my audience on tour, but this year we come with an album of unreleased songs. “We have spent a lot of time recording both songs and videos and working very hard,” he commented.

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