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Jamie Foxx talked about the bad health situation he experienced

The actor reserved the prognosis that kept him away from the cameras for three weeks

Jamie Foxx returned to the topic of a health event that almost cost him his life without giving details. The American actor stated that the “medical complication” kept him unconscious for 20 days but did not clarify what it was.

According to American media, Foxx was urgently admitted to a hospital in Georgia in early April 2023. It happened while he was filming the movie “Back in Action” with Cameron Diaz.

After the mishap, but without explaining what it was about, the daughter of Hollywood star Corinne Foxx explained on social networks that her father “was recovering.”

Despite the little information provided, the Radar Online portal assured that Jamie Foxx had been “resurrected.” “He was between life and death for days,” he wrote.

One year after the event, the actor broke the silence. “On April 11 of last year I had a severe headache. I asked my assistant for medication to treat it (Advil)... I was out for 20 days. I don't remember anything else,” Foxx recently told a group of people at a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. The video of the statement went viral because until today little was known about the event.

Foxx said it was his daughter Corinne and sister Deidra Dixon who took him to the hospital. “The first doctor I went to said, 'Something's going on up there,'” he said, pointing to his head.

However, upon noticing that someone was recording him, the “The Amazing Spider-Man” actor preferred to remain silent and leave the matter in suspense. “I won't say it on camera, but it was…” he blurted out without finishing the sentence.

At a Critics Choice Association event, where he accepted the Vanguard award, he said “after what I went through, I value every minute. And I wouldn't wish even my worst enemy to be in my position, because it's difficult, because everything is almost over for me. Yes, I saw the tunnel… But I didn't see the light at the end of it. So now I have a new respect for life and for my art. After realizing that everything could end for me, I will not let anyone keep me from art.”

Awards in his career

The artist won the Oscar for Best Actor for 'Ray' (2004), as well as the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild, BAFTA and Critics Choice awards for the same film.

In 2022, he was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award for the film 'Collateral' at the Hollywood Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs, but he failed to win at any of them.

Jamie Foxx managed to appear in notable productions such as 'Miami Vice' (2005), 'Valentines Day' (2009), 'Django Unchained' (2012) or 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' (2021), among others.

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