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“Inside Out 2” beats “Mario Bros” at the box office

The Disney and Pixar film earned $295 million worldwide

The premiere of “Inside Out 2”, by Disney and Pixar, exceeded estimates and achieved $295 million at the international box office. Of these, $155 million was obtained in 4.440 theaters in the United States and Canada. The figure surpasses “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” opening record of $146.4 million in its home country.

Of the total, the other 140 million were registered in 38 foreign markets. There is already talk of the biggest premiere abroad and around the world in 2024. In Latin America alone, 61 million dollars were obtained.

Riley's adventure was also established by breaking a record for the highest grossing of an animated film in its opening weekend. At the same time, in its country of origin, it managed to become the film with the second highest grossing opening weekend. Even almost 29 years into Pixar's existence. The first was for “Incredibles 2,” which debuted with $182,7 million in 2018 in the United States.

It is also the biggest opening of 2024, as to date no film has debuted above $100 million.

The success is significant for Pixar and marks a comeback for a studio that has had a series of disappointing releases, including “Elements” and “Lightyear.”

Likewise, “Inside Out 2” marks the biggest opening since “Barbie” racked up $162 million on its opening weekend in the U.S. It happened almost a year ago, last July.

It is estimated that the production of the animated film was around $200 million, which does not include marketing expenses. For its debut, at least $90 million was expected to be raised by the first film in June 2019. That year, “Inside Out” earned $160 million internationally that year.

Further back

At the American box office, second place went to “Bad Boys: Hasta la muerte” from Sony. It was its second weekend and it made $33 million, only 42% less than its premiere. In just 12 days, he has already earned more than $112 million in his home country and $214 million worldwide. As of Friday, the four-film franchise had surpassed the $1.000 billion mark.

According to Comscore, “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” continued in third place with $5,2 million; in fourth “The Garfield Movie” with $5 million. As a curious fact, outside the United States and Canada, “The Garfield Movie” added another $7,2 million in 60 markets. To date it has 217,8 million dollars.

Fifth place went to “Observados” with $3 million.

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