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Il Divo won applause and a personalized Tricolor

The group sold out seats in the Ríos Reyna room of the Teresa Carreño theater

It didn't take the four members of Il Divo more than an hour and a half to bag those who sold out the seats in the Ríos Reyna room of the Teresa Carreño theater.

Ürs, Sebastien, David and Steven (who joined two years ago after the death of Carlos Marín), remembered that this was the fifth time they came to the country, but the first to sing, with the XX years tour, in a Venezuelan theater .

The lyrical pop quartet toured through songs in English, Italian and Spanish. They began their recital with “Come back to me“, version of the original by Toni Braxton, which they also had the opportunity to sing with her.

In the front row, a group of members of the Venezuelan fan club soon presented a bouquet of roses to each performer, a gesture for which they were grateful.

In addition to their unquestionable vocal quality, they also used a lot of friendliness and interaction in a Spanish that they did not mind “machucating” to get even closer to those present in the room.

“Until my end”, “Isabel”, “Perhaps”, “Unchained Melody”, “Perfect”, T”alking to the moon”, “Bésame mucho” and the false ending with “My way”, were some of the songs which they performed in a literal titanic struggle to make their voices stand out in a sound saturated by music.

Even so, the Swiss, the French and the Americans managed to get through the first half hour, when the audience complained that they could not properly understand what they were singing.

Also, during their presentation, the group members gave some fans the opportunity to approach and interact with them. “You are always welcome here,” one told him.

After the false ending, Il Divo returned to the scene and performed two more songs: “I have nothing” and “It's time to say goodbye.” They remembered that “for 18 years we shared with a great man, Carlos Marín,” they said about the deceased founder and whom the room rewarded with applause.

The fan club would not allow the four singers to leave the stage. At least not before giving them a national flag, on which the name Il Divo was embroidered in the color yellow.

Marilyn Chirinos was in Venezuela, who, in half an hour, offered the songs from her first album. Dressed in a bright and colorful short dress, she fulfilled the assigned mission.

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