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Huáscar Barradas will premiere a music and meditation program

The Venezuelan flutist and composer Huáscar Barradas announced that he has everything ready to enter the world of podcasts. Through a post on Instagram, the musician revealed that he will launch his YouTube channel “Huascar Barradas Music Meditation Mindfulness” on June 2.

The long-awaited episodes will be focused on music as a meditation to provide inner peace, and thus be able to disconnect from thoughts and balance the mind, body and emotions.

“I'm super happy because this June 2 I'm going to launch my new YouTube channel 'Huascar Barradas Music Meditation Mindfulness',” Barradas said in a post he shared along with a video.

Music and health

Likewise, Huáscar mentioned that within the new channel he will premiere another program dedicated to music and health.

"On this new channel we are going to premiere a wonderful podcast with Dr. Pedro Torres called 'Music and Health.' It has to do with the influence of music in our lives. We are going to have special guests like Jorge Luis Chacín, Pollo Brito, Cecilia and many more friends,” the flutist said.

The Zulian pointed out that the program will be broadcast every Sunday at 6:00 in the afternoon with many surprises, and that the public will even be able to enjoy meditation. “I hope you... enjoy this new stage with all those wonderful things that we are going to do together,” he invited.

Latin Grammy

It should be remembered that in 2023, Huáscar Barradas won the Latin Grammy for Best Classical Music Album for his album “For Elements: Immersive Symphony for Orchestra and Chorus.”

“I want to congratulate the Venezuelan Orchestra System, which for more than 45 years has been giving all of us, because we played there from a very young age, a flute, a trumpet or a viola instead of a gun so that it is through the music that transforms the world. Of course, also to our country Venezuela, which wakes up every day with a smile and is nourished by hope. “Do not allow anything or anyone to steal your dreams, music has the power to transform all of humanity,” said Huascar Barradas in his speech at the Grammy gala last November.

The album featured the participation of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra. The album has been praised and awarded for its beauty and depth. “Thank God and life for giving us the opportunity to record a project as ambitious as this one. We had to use more than 200 people to record this project, I want to congratulate the Simón Bolívar Orchestra of Venezuela, the National Symphonic Choir,” he said in an interview with the Unión Radio radio station. 

“Once again at the #latingrammys, the third time's the charm. I celebrate with my brother in life @luisfborjas, proud of you forever… And with that emerging young talent that fills me with happiness @wizzmer and @alemormusic forward!”, he shared at that time on Instagram.

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