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Gustavo Elis released the song and video clip for “Whisky”

Gustavo Elis does not stop making music and to prove it he released “Whisky”, a collaboration with Colombian singers Natan & Shander.

“We are premiering the song 'Whisky' with my little brothers Natan and Shander. A meeting between Colombia and Venezuela,” Gustavo shared in one of his Instagram stories.

Natan & Shander are two brothers Colombian composers and performers. Since their beginnings in 2017, they have been linked to renowned urban music figures. Topics like "Never stop" and “My Diabla, My Goddess” are some of his hits that mix urban music with Caribbean rhythms.

Love and desire

The video clip for the song was directed by Venezuelan Justin Braham and is inspired by love and desire, by that person you know and who can't get out of your thoughts, with whom you want to share a crazy, but special moment while drinking whiskey.

“How pretty you look. With great respect let me tell you that I provoked myself. With that face, what are we going to do? You got me flying and I didn't smoke. I want to kiss you inside... whiskey on the rock, a crazy night. Tell me what you like”, is part of the lyrics of the song, which mixes sensual “romanticism” with reggaeton.

In the clip you can see the singers and a model dancing in what appears to be a recording studio.

Just hours after its premiere, the audiovisual has more than 24 thousand views on YouTube and almost a thousand likes. As expected, fans did not hesitate to share their support and good comments on the topic.

“This premiere is truly something I am not going to forget, with the time I have been in the fandom, I have realized that you have healed us all with your music, your voice is harmonious, angelic and beautiful, sensual, mysterious and precious ”; “Chévere, great, I love another success… congratulations, I hope to see you soon here in Bogotá”; "Excellent. All your songs are great. Successes”; and “We took her out of the stadium again. Of course yes”, are some of the comments that can be read.

"We are not the same"

It should be noted that Gustavo Elis has just released a collaboration with Sixto Rein and Víctor Drija. It is the catchy song “We are not equal”, where each artist contributes their personal style to the rhythm of merengue fused with touches of R & B and pop melodies.

The video for that song was directed by Venezuelan Nuno Gomes and “stands out for its colorful and high-quality production, capturing the essence and dynamism of the song in a visually striking way,” as Drija told the Dominican press, highlighted the Free Diary portal.

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