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Gabriel Soto recovers at home after being hospitalized

Gabriel Soto is stable and at home after being hospitalized in an emergency after experiencing high hypertension. The information was confirmed by the Mexican actor himself through his social networks.

“Indeed, yesterday (July 6) I was hospitalized for hypertension. My blood pressure was 170/111, which is very high,” Soto said in his Instagram stories.

The actor indicated that he presented symptoms that forced him to go to the doctor. “I had chest pain, shortness of breath and vomiting. Speaking with my doctor, she suggested that I go to the emergency room to stabilize me,” he added.

"I'm home now. I feel blessed"

In the published videos, the artist commented that after being admitted they performed all the necessary studies, so they let him go. “I'm home, I'm fine. I want to thank the entire company of the 'Price of Fame' (theatrical production) since I couldn't get to give the performances we had," he said about the production in which he participates and from which he had to be absent just a few minutes of starting the corresponding function.

Likewise, the protagonist of “Vino el amor” took the opportunity to offer his sincere apologies for not having made it to the long-awaited play.

“I want to offer an apology to the public for not being able to attend. She got out of my hands. “He really wanted to go, but the doctors definitely wouldn't let me,” she said.

In that sense, Gabriel Soto stated that he hopes to resume his agenda shortly. “Right now I'm off for a couple of days, but next weekend we're sure going to give a performance,” he said.

To conclude, the Mexican reiterated his gratitude for so many displays of affection and solidarity. “I feel blessed by so many examples of friendship, concern and good vibes.”

On the way to work

The actor suffered the health problem last Saturday on the way to his play. “His assistant came with Moisés, he got very bad, really, very bad. I told Gabriel Soto 'no, little brother, go to the doctor.' We thought they were going to tell them to 'take this' some medication because their blood pressure was very high, but no, they left it there. So, you have to ask God so that he is well,” said producer Gerardo Quiroz, according to People En Español magazine.

The producer also assured that if Soto continued to be ill, the season could be canceled because he would not look for a replacement. “Either all of us are there, or the season doesn't go ahead until the time is right, because thank God there is very good acceptance, today it was sold out when we had to cancel,” he said.

And he added: “First is the health of our brother Gabo; I have enjoyed his friendship for 30 years and he is a noble, hard-working man.”

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