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Miss Grand Venezuela final will have an international format

The gala will be next Friday, June 28 at the Círculo Militar theater

Everything is ready for the final gala of Miss Grand Venezuela 2024, next Friday, June 28. In the contest, which will take place at the Círculo Militar theater in Fuerte Tiuna, 18 candidates for the crown compete.

The winner will represent the country in the Miss Grand International, a contest that has been gaining prestige among beauty pageants.

“The final of this edition will follow the format of the Miss Grand International, but we will add certain touches to it. Also, we are going to have on the program the presentation of the new international contest 'Los Diamantes de Wittels', where we will choose a Top Diamond and a Teen Diamond," she told Últimas Noticias the president of the Miss Grand Venezuela Organization, George Wittels.

final night

Miss Grand Venezuela is preparing to close in style the competition that began months ago with the coronation of the regional candidates. The event celebrates the beauty, talent and spirit of improvement of the contestants.

“The jury will be made up of some personalities from the media, as well as some experts in beauty pageants,” added Wittels. In that sense, the jewelry designer announced that the entire program should last between two and a half hours and two hours and 45 minutes.

“Miss Grand International is characterized by being a show made entirely with the misses and great music and production. In our case, we are going to have a nice musical surprise,” said the president.

The show was intended as a family event that will be attended by Miss Grand International 2019, Valentina Figuera, as well as other renowned misses.

Regarding the next model they will appoint this year, George Wittels highlighted that the representative will be a Miss who exalts Venezuelan beauty. "This year our representative at Miss Grand International will be a very talented and well-rounded girl, who meets the 4Bs that the international event requires, such as: beauty, intelligence, body and being commercial." That is why the winner of the title will be reserved for 2025, while the one traveling this year will be designated by the organization.

Femininity and companionship

As part of the preparation of the misses, the candidates have been participating in different special activities. All designed as tools to achieve your objectives, as well as dynamics for the enjoyment of each one.

Recently, the 18 contenders for the title lived an experience full of solidarity and beauty.

“The competition became a celebration of femininity and camaraderie, where every smile and every dance step reflected the joy of sharing this adventure. From the dance floor to the exciting karting circuits, our queens demonstrated that beyond beauty, strength and determination are the true jewels in the crown,” the organization shared on its Instagram account.

For Miss Grand Venezuela, every shared moment is a victory in itself, “and every shared laugh is a reminder that, regardless of who takes the crown, they are all queens of attitude and passion,” the post concluded.

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