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Fernando Solórzano: I am grateful to Venezuela

The Colombian actor participated in the film "Azotes de barrio 2"

The Colombian actor Fernando “El flaco” Solórzano is about to reside in Caracas due to the work opportunities that have come his way.

The most recent is “Neighborhood Spanking 2“, film directed by Jackson Gutiérrez and José Antonio Varela.

In the production, “El Flaco” plays Caliche, the former boss of the neighborhood, who sees his leadership threatened.

With an extensive career of 30 years, Solórzano is remembered for working in productions such as “Pedro El Escamoso”, “El cartel de los sapos”, “Neighbors”, “The Mafia Dolls”, “Luna, la heiress”, among others.

—What brought you back to work in Venezuela?

—They have always treated me very well here, so much so that in a year and a half I have come four times. I did a play, “Le prenom”, with Mario Sudano and Mario Duarte. There Jorge Reyes contacted me and I came to do “Julia tiene sugar”. While I was filming it, Jackson offered me to work with him on “Azotes de Barrio.”

—What was your experience like filming a character as a mafia member within the aforementioned production?

—Caliche's character is the old manipulator, the neighborhood cucho. He wants to continue reigning because he feels like an emperor and does not want others to come and take away his empire.

—How did you build it so that the character did not become commonplace?

—The main thing was what prompted me to come to Venezuela again: working with the people here. They were all Venezuelans, the technicians, the actors, the directors. I was the only guest and I had a lot to learn from them. I have been very grateful to Venezuela for a long time.

At one time they brought me a lot of “The War of the Sexes” and I got to know a different Venezuela, the one from 20-25 years ago. I went to “El maní es Así” a lot to see the group Guaco.

—What differences do you find between that country and the one you found now?

—It is a different thing to see news about a country on television and not experience it. Before coming one had a series of readings, but that no longer exists. I imagined a terrible economy, empty shopping centers... When I came two years ago, I arrived downtown on a Sunday, next to the Meliá, and there was no room for people. Everyone walking, shopping. What has surprised me is dollarization. Even for the Colombian it is very hard for us.

—What are your plans for the rest of the year?

-Continue working. I live in Cali, where I have an acting academy, which is now two years old. It has me very excited (excited), because it is the systematization of my knowledge, the pedagogy, how I teach what I have experienced. It is in those moments that you realize that the experience you may have, in life or work, is not enough.

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