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Fefi Oliveira celebrates her return to TV with 'Thirst for Vengeance'

Fefi Oliveira shared her excitement about the start of filming in Miami for the telenovela 'Sed de Vengeance', a production that marks her return to acting. The Venezuelan actress and entrepreneur has previously stood out in dramas such as 'Silvana sin lana', 'My perfect family' and '57 Club'.

“My heart is racing 10 kilometers per hour,” the artist noted on her Instagram profile. “I still don't believe it, but it's true. "Anyone who knows me knows that what I am most passionate about in life is acting and I return with an incredibly well-written series, with actors that I admire and love very much and produced by the channel that gave me my first opportunity in 2012," she highlighted. 

“Thank you God, thank you Telemundo, and thank you and my family for always being there in the good times, the bad times, and the best times like this. There are many more surprises, but I'll tell you about them later. Hold on, we're back with 'Thirst for Vengeance'. I love you,” the woman born in Maracaibo, Zulia state, also expressed.

“I love you, what a thrill. I know what you feel, enjoy it a lot. God bless you,” commented actress and writer Laura Chimaras in the comments section of Fefi's post. “Beautiful and talented,” said the actress and former Miss Venezuela Irene Esser, while the author and presenter María Alejandra Requeña expressed: “Yeeiii, congratulations!” "With everything"; "Proud of you"; and “I'm ready to see all the episodes,” other users of the social network also commented.

At Telemundo Center

The recordings of the melodrama, starring Danilo Carrera and Isabella Castillo, officially began yesterday (Monday, June 3) at the Telemundo Center studios in Miami, according to what the television station announced on its social networks.

The production also has the participation of two other Venezuelans. “Two Venezuelans in the series and guess what… Both are from Maracaibo. I love you, Rodolfo Salas,” Estefany Oliveira, Fefi Oliveira’s birth name, commented on her stories.

The first actress Elba EscobarLikewise, she is the other Venezuelan in the production, which does not yet have a release date.

Instagram @fefioliveira

Salas, it should be remembered, has stood out in successful Netflix productions such as 'Perfil False' (Fake Profile) and 'Pact of Silence' (Pact of Silence), both released in 2023. Escobar, for her part, is one of the most recognized and loved on television and cinema in the country. The soap operas 'Emperatriz', 'Amores de fin de sicle', 'The Country of Women' or 'The Perfect Woman'; and films like 'Pandemonium', 'Blue and Not So Pink' or 'Liz in September' are some of her most notable works.

Conflicts everywhere

Regarding the plot of 'Thirst for Vengeance', media such as TV Boricua USA highlight that it follows Fernanda Ríos (Isabella Castillo), a woman determined to escape the terrible abuses she experienced in her childhood.

However, her plans go awry when deception and blackmail lead her into the dark world of the spiteful and cruel Eugenio Beltrán (Diego Olivera), who has sworn revenge on the Del Pino family. Fernanda, precisely, will have to execute Eugenio's plans.

In this context, Fernanda ends up falling in love with Francisco (Danilo Carrera), a young man whose life she ruined in the past and who, upon discovering that she is to blame for everything, will seek to get even.

Although details of all the characters in the story have not yet been revealed, it is known that Fefi Oliveira will play Brenda, while Rodolfo Salas will play Roberto. For now, the name of Elba Escobar's character is not known.

In addition to the aforementioned performers, the drama also features performances by Alexa Martin, Saúl Lisazo, Carlos Torres, Sebastián Carvajal, Roberto Romano, María José Camacho, Javier Ponce, Roberta Burns, Humberto Búa, María Laura Quintero, Sandra Itzel, Claudia Coira , María Eugenia Arboleda and Daniela Martínez.

Some more data

It should be noted that 'Thirst for Vengeance' is original by Eric Vonn and will be directed by Camilo Vega, Miguel Varoni (star of dramas such as 'Pedro El Escamoso') and Uandari Gómez.

“The cast has fascinated me, I am in love with the cast, a cast with a lot of desire, desire to leave a mark,” Varoni told People en Español about the soap opera.

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