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The first Venezuelan actress Olga Henríquez died

The diva of yesteryear had important characters in film and television

The local artistic union is in mourning after the sudden death of Olga Henríquez, the first Venezuelan actress remembered for her time on TV and film.

Reports indicate that he lived from a very early age in Venezuela, but that he was born and died in Spain. His birth was in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, on July 19, 1939. While his departure was in Valencia. Journalist Luis Ugueto shared the information via X last night, Wednesday, June 26.

Henríquez participated in several Venevision soap operas like “Samantha”, where she played Vestalia Luzardo (1998). She was also seen in “Toda mujer”, in which she appeared as Amparo Corrido (1999), “Como tú none” (1994) and “Felina” (2001), where she portrayed María del Valle.

His most recent work was in film with a special participation in “Punto y Raya” (2004). She played the mother of the film's protagonist, Cheito, played by Roque Valero.

The Beginning

One of the first records of Olga Henríquez's acting work dates back to the 1975 soap opera “Apartamento 18.” The drama was broadcast by Venezolana de Television (VTV) and in it she shared the scene with Carlos Villamizar, Yanko Durán, Jorge Félix and Mirna Rodríguez, among others.

According to what some colleagues shared to remember her, in 1960 she was awarded the Guaicaipuro de Oro. It was awarded for portraying Victoria Guanipa in “La Trepadora”, an adaptation of the book by Rómulo Gallegos published in 1925.

In 1961, Olga was part of the program “Cases and things from home”, also broadcast by Venevisión. From there she had participations in dramas such as “Sangre indómita” (1964), “Miss Elena” (1967), “La Mujer Prohibida” (1972) and “Amor a Millón” (1974).

The causes of his death are unknown.

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