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Isabel Moreno, Cuban actress who worked in Venezuela, died

The Cuban actress Isabel Moreno, remembered for her roles in dramas such as “Wild Cat” or “Full Moon Lovers,” among others, died over the weekend in Miami, reported People En Español magazine. The causes of the death of the interpreter, who was 82 years old, are unknown.

According to the aforementioned media, the information was revealed by the National Council of the Performing Arts of Cuba through social networks. “With deep sadness, CubaActors regrets the death of Isabel Moreno, one of the greatest Cuban actresses.

“Born in Havana, on January 28, 1942, Isabel stood out as an emblematic figure in theater, film and television. She was part of the prestigious Teatro Estudio group for more than 20 years and was a professor at the National School of Art of Cuba and the Higher Institute of Art. Isabel is especially remembered for her role in 'La Bella del Alhambra', which became an icon of Cuban cinema,” the Council noted on her Facebook account.

“Throughout his career, he participated in numerous theater productions, such as 'A Streetcar Named Desire', Cold Air, 'The Millionaire and the Suitcase' and 'Blood Wedding'. Her talent led her to work in Venezuelan and American television and film, continuing her artistic legacy outside of Cuba. Among her most notable films are 'Soy Cuba', 'Lucía', and 'A Successful Man'. Our most sincere condolences go to her family and friends,” reads the Cuba Actores Facebook profile,” they then highlighted in the publication.

In Venezuela

At the beginning of the 90s, Moreno went into exile in Venezuela, where he was part of the cast of soap operas such as “El Paseo de la Gracia de Dios”, “Amantes de luna Full” and “Más que amor, frenesí”, among others. many others.

“When I came from Venezuela to here, they knew me for what I did in Venezuela, not for what I did in Cuba. Unfortunately, Cuba is culturally very isolated; We have a lot of talent, we have very prepared people, but Cuba is as if closed to the world, so those who knew me here knew me above all because of the novels from Venezuela," he told the newspaper Cuba in Miami, People En Español highlighted.

And he added: “When I arrived here (Miami) after 3 months I was doing a novel in Fonovideo, 'Gata Salvaje', which they extended it for 180 more chapters and suddenly I entered. Arquímedes Rivero in Venezuela recommended me to the producers here and called me on the phone and told me 'go to Fonovideo, there is a new character coming in, I want you to do it.' So in the long run it was Venezuela that opened the doors for me here in Miami.”

Other actions

In the cinema he was in the film “Plantados” (2021), which tells anecdotes about Cuban politics.

His work in “Betty in NY”, a version of Ugly Betty, earned her another recognition from ACE, which awarded her the award for best female co-acting on television in 2020.

In 2021 she was seen in the Telemundo soap opera “La Lute de Loli”, in which she played Doña Catalina. In 2022, she was part of “The Woman of My Life.”

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