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Shifty Shellshock dies líder by the rap rock band Crazy Town

Shifty Shellshock, the líder of the rap-rock band Crazy Town died at the age of 49. Famous for the song 'Butterfly', the artist died on June 24 for unknown reasons, Variety reported this Tuesday, EFE reported.

According to a Los Angeles County coroner, cited by the Los Angeles magazine, the death occurred at his residence. It should be noted that the artist's real name was Seth Brooks Binzer.

Shellshock entered music in 1996 with fellow vocalist and rapper Bret “Epic” Mazur, whom he met in 1992. The couple formed a group called Brimstone Sluggers, which would eventually become the rock band Crazy Town. The band was created in Los Angeles in 1995, as highlighted by Variety and Deadline.

Rust Epique, James Bradley Jr., Doug Miller, Adam Goldstein and Antonio Lorenzo “Trouble” Valli rounded out the group. 'The Gift of Game', their debt album, was released in November 1999.

Claim to fame

Of that production the aforementioned 'Butterfly' stood out especially. The song is inspired by 'Pretty Little Ditty', from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' album 'Mother's Milk' (!989), for which the band members (Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Chad Smith and John Frusciante) are credited as co-authors of this.

The production peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for two non-consecutive weeks. Outside the United States, it topped the charts in seven countries, including Austria, Denmark and Norway. It also featured on billboards in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

In addition, the song, which was the third single from the album, also became a kind of anthem of the year 2000. It even appeared in the movie 'Someone's Gotta Give', starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.

In the 2000s, Crazy Town were also scheduled to go on a lengthy concert tour, however, they were forced to cancel it after just two weeks, after Binzer was arrested after he threw a chair through a window while drunk. .

'Darkhorse' and separations

Crazy Town released a second album called 'Darkhorse' in 2002 and broke up after it failed to reach the same levels of acclaim as its predecessor, according to Deadline. “The band eventually reunited under the name Brimstone Sluggers in 2015 and then performed as Crazy Town X, after Mazur left in 2017,” noted People.

The latter media also points out that Binzer began a solo career after the band broke up the first time. He released the album 'Happy Love Sick' in 2004 and collaborated with English music producer Paul Oakenfold on his song 'Starry Eyed Surprise', which was released in 2002.

His great battle

The artist also faced a long struggle against his addictions, which he spoke openly about in the reality shows in which he participated, such as 'Celebrity Rehab' and 'Sober House'.

In this sense, one of the most notable episodes he faced occurred in 2012, when he was hospitalized after losing consciousness and falling into a coma, before recovering, according to Variety. In 2022, he was also arrested for driving while intoxicated.

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