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Eurovision announces changes after eventful 2024 edition

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), organizer of the Eurovision Song Contest, announced that it will make changes to its organizational structure. The decision was made after analyzing this year's edition held in Malmö (Sweden), EFE reported. The 2024 edition of the contest was marked by several controversies, many of them around Israel's participation. Even so, the show also achieved audience records.

The first change made is the creation of the position of festival director. This will coordinate the organization with the deputy director general, the person in charge of media at the EBU. Both will team up with the already existing position of executive supervisor of Eurovision, until now the main position in charge of the contest.

In three areas

Other organizational changes, not yet finalized, but which will be analyzed soon, will revolve around three areas, according to the EBU. Management and engagement, security and risk management, and audience and media relations.

Among other things, the entity said in a statement, it will seek to clarify responsibilities when accepting participants. Likewise, they will also ensure that the opinions of the members of the EBU (the public television stations of the countries in the European area) are heard.

“An increase in collaboration with fan groups, influencers and the media will also be sought to achieve greater participation based on the values ​​of the festival.”

Independent review

Areas for improvement, underlines the EBU, have been identified after commissioning an independent review of the May contest, won by Switzerland and marked by the opposition of many activists to Israel's participation, which, however, was the song most supported by televoting in numerous countries.

The contest will go down in history for the boos received by the Israeli singer, Eden Golan, during her performance, and also against the executive supervisor Martin Österdahl, when he had to intervene to distribute the votes of the Netherlands, whose delegation was disqualified by a incident not yet clarified between its singer and a camera operator.

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