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These Venezuelans stood out on the list of the most beautiful of 2024

Marjorie de Sousa, Daniel Elbittar and Danny Ocean are some of the Venezuelans featured in the list of The 50 Most Beautiful of 2024 by People en Español magazine. The selection of artists seeks to highlight, in addition to the professional achievements achieved, the beauty “that is seen and that which is reflected from within.”

This year's ranking was divided into several categories, depending on the characteristic they seek to highlight of the included artists.

Thus, Marjorie de Sousa and Daniel Elbittar were included in the “Small screen, big stars” section. And the two stood out this year in important Mexican dramatic productions. “Blow of luck and “The Count: love and honor” (her) and “Love has no recipe” (him) marked the 2024 of both.

On TV and streaming

“One more year fulfilling dreams in my career and in my personal life, a year of great dedication, of being the best version of myself, I love what I do, I love my life,” De Sousa commented on Instagram. “Thank you for being part of it my sousatics,” the post also noted, where he shared part of her photo session for the publication.

“Wow, mom, I'm in People en Español's 50 most beautiful,” Daniel Elbittar expressed on the same social network. The Caracas-born actor also thanked his “elbittaristas” for their support.

Catherine Siachoque, Juanita Molina, Michelle Galván, Sebastián Rulli, Chiky Bombom, Irina Baeva and Carmen Villalobos accompany the Venezuelans in this group.

In the music

In the section called “At his rhythm” the Venezuelan protagonist is Danny Ocean. Karol G, Maluma, Peso Pluma, Don Omar, Yandel, Banda MS, Emilia, Kali Uchis, Luis Fonsi, Pedro Capó, Carín León, Jay Wheeler and Draco Rosa complete the category dedicated to “the greatest exponents of rhythm.”

“Listening to him talk about his country, Venezuela, is like listening to him sing a hymn to love. 'My biggest dream is to be able to sing my greatest song there, 'Me rehuso.' It would be something magical,” highlighted the publication about Ocean, which also highlighted the success that the vocalist is enjoying with his album 'Reflexa'.

New chapters

“New airs” is another section on the list. There, the American publication highlights stars who “have been able to open new chapters in their lives” and continue to give their best. Three Venezuelans deserved to be included in the selection: Carolina Sandoval, Alejandro Chabán and Noelia Voigt.

Sandoval, as it was recalled, returned to the small screen in 'Siéntese qué puede', four years after her controversial departure from Telemundo that led her to focus on her social networks. She “will continue recording her podcast, offering her 'Strong and Fabulous' lectures, growing as a businesswoman and has plans to write her third book,” they reveal of the projects she has in development.

Carolina Sandoval. Courtesy People en Español

A place to “grow together”

Chabán, for his part, has managed to stand out this year with his 'Chabán Pódcast', a space he created to help and highlight the Hispanic community. “I was looking for spaces in Spanish to nourish my body, my soul and my mind, where I could learn from the stories of success and failure of people whose paths I have admired. “I wanted to create a safe place to be able to grow together and share experiences, without judgment or labels,” the former actor, who created the Yes You Can program more than a decade ago, which includes supplements, told People en Español. meal replacement with protein, vitamins and minerals and nutritional guide.

In a very Venezuelan house

Likewise, the Venezuelan-American Noelia Voigt was distinguished in the group, who came to the public eye after being crowned Miss USA 2023. Subsequently, she was the protagonist when she renounced her title to focus on her mental health, which generated a debate about the aforementioned beauty pageant and the treatment it gives to its queens.

“I am very proud to show and share my roots with people around the world, because it is a big part of my life, my heart and my blood. I grew up here in the United States, but I grew up in a very Venezuelan house, my mother and her entire family are from Maracaibo and my house is still a very Venezuelan house, with the food, the culture, the music, the language, all. My dad was a player for the Águilas de Zulia, he is American, but he also has a great connection with Venezuela. That is why it is very important for me to share my roots, but also because one of my advocacy is immigration in this country,” said Voigt after his reign, where he sought to highlight his multicultural origin and the defense of the rights of the Latino immigrants.

Ricky Martin, Adamari López, Clovis Nienow, Maripily Rivera, Angélica Vale, Chiquis, Karla Monroig and Carlos Calderón accompany the trio in the section.

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